First post!

Hi! Welcome to my new shiny blog. It has that new car smell – breathe deep. Ahhh!

So, this past weekend was Knitter’s Connection, and the very bestest thing about was being able to hang out with other people that knit. I swear, Travis and I don’t know anyone. We are the most anti-social people in the world, and it’s very easy for us to huddle up together in the yarn cave and not talk to anyone. So it was a hoot (a hoot and a half even!) to be able to hang out with Gerry, Yarn Love, Dianne, LimenViolet (the little bit I did get to hang with them), KnittingLizzie and Violet, Yarmando, and of course, my girl Karida and her entourage. Yay for being social! And Matty, you missed out by not being there. Yeah, yeah, we know, you had to have some parental boat time. Whatever. (insert smiley here – for some reason they come out really funky using this WordPress theme)

So, it was a lot of fun. And Travis and I both came home thinking, “Wow, we ought to get out more.” So now Travis is thinking about going on The Great Beer Adventure out to Portland in July with D’Amico. I’m toying with the idea of trekking out to the LimeNViolet slumber party whenever that is going to happen (hopefully sometime this summer). Road trip! Woot!

I accumulated a fair amount of yarn over the past few days, and when I get my shit together sometime in the next few days I’m actually going to start a Flickr account so I don’t have to be the uncool kid anymore. I’m peer pressuring myself to start Flickring. But until then, here are some photos of the stash enhancement I did during the show. And the pictures are kind of making the text go weird, but I’ll try to get that fixed soon.

Here’s some goodies from Yarn Love. The yarn is Joan of Arc in their Sincerity colorway. It’s a 50/50 Merino/Tencel blend and feels wonderful. It’s really soft and shiny. The roving is a 60/40 Merino/Bamboo blend in the Spring Morning colorway. I’m really looking forward to spinning it, so much so that I may even start tonight.

Yarn Love!

I really like Yarn Love’s style. They’re got this whole romantic, almost kind of medieval (in a good, Robin Hood way, not in a “I’m going to go all medieval on your ass” kind of way) feel to their colorways. They all looked like they would play well with each other. Their colorways also play well with others, as evidenced here:

Yarn Love loves Creatively Dyed!!

The blue, brown, and tan yarn is a 75% wool/25% nylon blend dyed by Dianne at Creatively Dyed. Gerry had got this same colorway in a different base of yarn, and it was so funny, because the colors in the skein matched exactly what he was wearing. You can kind of see it in this picture (notice, Travis has a Flickr account because he’s cool, so I have to be lame and link to him). Anyway, I’ve been liking the blue and brown together for a while lately, and Katie from Yarn Love just happened to be carrying around the skein of their mohair (colorway: Lovely), and the two skeins looked really good together to me. So I wound up getting one of each. I may do a Chevron scarf or something with them, alternating the mohair and the sock yarn every two rows. That might be fun.

Dianne's crazy sock yarn!

This is a skein of Dianne’s 50/50 wool/tencel sock yarn. I liked the colors because they were obnoxious, much like myself.

Yarns for weaving!!

Here is a yarncake Karida brought me. I am in love with her awesome brown and rust and orange colors. I want to make out with that color. She had some awesome yarn in the same style, but in an amazing olive at TNNA, but traded it for a bag, which made me sad. Please hook me up with the olive, Karida. I will be your bitch. The yarncake is hanging out with two skeins of yarn I got from Bjorn at HBC Weaving. I know the link goes to Hand Painted Knitting Yarns, but I guess they’re the same company. Bjorn was trying to explain it to me at the show, but it just didn’t sink in. Anyway, Bjorn’s yarns rock, and he’s a really great guy. I thought they would go pretty well with Karida’s yarncake, and I think I’m going to weave something with them, possibly adding in the two skeins of mystery and wonder that Travis and I dyed in prep for the dyeing class.

Yarns for weaving!!

I want to weave something that’s big and messy and soft. So that’s another project on my list. What I’m currently working on (along with about a million other things) is a pair o’ socks for Travis out of the yarn he dyed (his is on the right, the cake on the left was the one I dyed using Kool-Aid):


I started last night, and have done about 30-some rounds. Top down, because I haven’t yet studied Yarmando’s Toe-up sock handout yet. It’s on the list. I’m knitting these socks on size 5 DPNs that are obnoxiously long, but I don’t have any shorter ones since I never expected to be doing socks on size 5 needles. Who would have guessed? Anyway, I really love the way the yarn is knitting – it looks really random, so way to go, Travis!

sock.  interrupted.

4 thoughts on “First post!”

  1. Hell yeah! ( I can say that here right?) Travis has some solid man colors going on there! Sorry I missed you all But the beach was calling!


  2. I’m there for the road trip the the slumber party!

    and I think we should get together and hang out. You’re right, knitting together is lots and lots of fun!


  3. oooh oooh oooh! don’t forget toledo, when you’re thinking of ‘getting out’. we have minor league baseball, tony packo’s, one of the world’s finest zoos, lots of bars/restaurants and 4 yarn shops within 20 minutes of my house!! and we have a spare bedroom… seriously. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I am dying laughing here, Jacki! (Is that how you spell your name? I’ve tried it three ways and nothing looks right. Bah! I’m a horrible speller!) Great blog. Really. You’re so much better than me.

    Ok, and if you guys go to the slumber party, you have to stop at my house. I am ON THE WAY. Yes, really, truly I am. I will cook for you or take you out some place where both the food and the waitstaff rock. Yes, even in Des Moines, Iowa there are places like that….

    I’m so glad that you don’t think I’m going to go all medieval on you and kick your ass…..but that was the best comment describing my yarn….EVER. I think it might even be slogan worthy ๐Ÿ˜‰


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