My dad’s in town!

Yay! Dad arrived here yesterday afternoon, and it’s been Food Quest ever since. We’re such a food family. We’re always taking pictures of food we make and sending them to each other.

Anyway, I had wanted to eat dinner at the Middle Ground Cafe in Gambier (Kenyon College), but unfortunately it’s open different hours in the summer. Which really sucks because it’s a neat place – a lot of the food is locally grown or raised and is organic as well. We wound up eating at some strange bar and grill place in Gambier that was just kind of meh, but on the plus side, the grocery store there had a bunch of flavors of Ben and Jerry’s that we can’t get in Mount Vernon. We got these three:


I had been looking for the Stephen Colbert one for the past 4 months or so, but I had no idea the other two even existed. Stupid Mount Vernon Kroger’s.

Today we went on the food tour of Columbus. We hit Costco first, and bought, amongst other things, a gigantor double pack of Worchestershire sauce. We did this because I inadvertently bought enough Chex cereal the other day to make Chex Mix, without realizing that I already had a stockpile of Chex at the house to make a big batch. So I’m an idiot. Anyway, now we have all the necessary ingredients.

Then we went to North Market (you know, Travis is probably blogging this same exact thing right now. We’re so queer). We got some fancy popcorn to make in our high falutin’ popcorn microwavable popcorn bowl later on.

After that we went to the Yarn Shop, since someone accidentally broke one of my knitting needles when they rocked over it with the Boomchair. So I got some new needles (mostly those plastic Bryspun DPNs that I like so well) and also a new drop spindle. I already have one I like really well, but I wanted to get an emergency back-up one and bling it out like my spinning wheel.

We went to that cute little Japanese bakery by the Yarn Shop and my dad bought this:


It’s a “Red Bean Chunk” doughnut. Travis and I are afraid.

We didn’t go to the Indian bakery on Henderson this time, but we did eat the lunch buffet at the Sher-E Punjab restaurant (also by the Yarn Shop) which was really good. I’d like to go back there for dinner sometime, but we don’t often find ourselves in Columbus for dinner. They were playing the Indian version of CNN while we were there. Foreign TV is always fun.

We hit the trifecta of Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. I bought some Hawaiian granola stuff at Fresh Market that’s pretty yummy. We bought a lot more than that, including the dry aged steaks from Whole Foods that Travis is grilling right now. But I think he’s going to meat-blog here in a little bit, so I don’t need to go into that.

For once, we actually managed to be at Whole Foods while Violet was working, so that was pretty nifty. There’s talk of a spinning-weaving day happening here next weekend, which would be fun. I’ll have to try and get the drop spindle all blinged out before then.

More later, because food is going to happen pretty soon. I did some kettle dyeing yesterday, but that’s going to be a different post altogether. But Stephen Colbert ice cream!!! Woot!!


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  1. yay for steven colbert ice cream!! and yay for all that food! what fun it is to be a foodie! also, i wish i ever had anything in my possession worthy of a “meat-blog”. *sigh*


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