More food! Also, dyeing and hiking

Man, I’ve got to do something about these jungle animals in the blog’s banner. I like tigers and turtles and fish as much as anyone, but every time I click on the blog I think I’m at the zoo.

Anyway, my dad just left. Yesterday was pretty fun, we went to the Farmer’s Market at the square in Mount Vernon. It’s such a cute little Farmer’s Market, and the selection of food they had available for so early in the season was pretty impressive. It’s also nice that they have a couple of different people selling organic, grass fed meats there, too. I’m trying to cut back on eating meat, and when I do have it, I’d much prefer that we get it from somewhere local or Whole Foods, just so we kind of have an idea of what we’re getting.

Travis and Dad dyed some yarn later on in the morning. I told Dad if he dyed yarn, I would knit him socks out of it. Dad’s came out completely different than what we had expected. He poured on yellow in the middle, and then a really nice leafy green, and then a reddish color. But after he blended it, it came out orange. A really beautiful rusty, autumny orange, with hints of green here and there. But more about the yarn later.

We went over to the Kenyon College Environmental Center in the afternoon and wound up taking a spontaneous hike. It was one of those things where we had no fluids with us, the temp was about 85 degrees, and none of us were wearing appropriate footwear. Good times! The trail went up a big hill and then through a little pine forest at the top. We’re not sure where the trail went after that, so we just came back down a different way. Here’s a picture of Dad trying to take a picture of me pointing to the map (we were at trail point #5 on the self-guided hike, I believe).


This was at the scenic overlook near the top of the hill.

When we got back to the bottom, we wandered around the gardens they have for a while. A lot of really pretty flowers are starting to bloom.


Here’s a butterfly!


When we got back to the house, I spent a little time blinging out the drop spindle I got from the Yarn Shop yesterday.


Now it kind of looks like a scepter. Weirdly, when the spindle spins, you can’t even see the dark blue bling at all. I had to add the light blue bling so that I could tell something was there. I may go ahead and order some lime green and silver bling to add to it. I have both of those colors, but in a slightly different bling form, and they’re a lot more difficult to apply. So far, adding the bling hasn’t affected the weight or balance of the spindle yet, so that’s a good thing.

I washed out the bamboo/merino Yarn Love handspun and also washed the hand-dyed yarn that Dad did. The YL handspun doesn’t seem to have fluffed up at all with blocking, which is fine. I’m still thinking maybe I’ll knit a shrug with it, but I think I just need to look at it some more before I decide what I’m going to do.

Here’s Dad’s yarn, and the beginning of his sock. It came out really gorgeous:


And here’s Travis’ yarn after he overdyed it. It’s stunning, too:


Last night for dinner we had a meal without meat, which was refreshing after hiking up the hill. I think everything came from the Farmer’s Market except for the red bell pepper and the fresh mozzarella, both of which came from Whole Foods. The Farmer’s Market had kohlrabi! I love kohlrabi!


Oh, I also finished up Travis’ socks from his first hand dyed yarn last night, too.


So I don’t want to hear any more shit about how Travis doesn’t ever get socks that match. 🙂

Dad left a little bit ago to go back home, but not before he had to publicly humiliate Bela a little bit.


Poor Wee Bay. Anyway, we’re hoping Dad manages to find his way back home and not get lost in all the construction. My big plan for today is to spin and knit a little bit, and try to figure out my work schedule for next week. Violet and maybe Lizzie are going to come up on Saturday for a Fiber! Fun! Fiesta! so I’m really looking forward to that.

5 thoughts on “More food! Also, dyeing and hiking”

  1. The manly yarn came out great! Also like Travis’s socks. I haven’t decided what to do with mine from dye class yet. Probably in-your-face bright socks! I’m attempting to finish up a couple projects first though. And have been slaving in the yard & garden. Air conditioner went out, so might as well be outside anyway! I’ve never hiked at Kenyon, but have ridden our bikes through there. It’s a beautiful area. Denison has a bio reserve that’s great for hiking too–though I’ve never attempted it in clogs or tevas! It was great preparation for the backpacking trips we used to go on. Hope you drank a lot of water when you got out! The drop spindle looks very fun. Can’t wait to learn to spin!
    Happy Sunday! Tricia


  2. Those are awesome colors! especially the orange stuff. Aep Recreation lands has awesome hiking/camping areas and is almost 70, 000 acres of reclaimed strip mined land here in OH. they even have a 20, 000 acre wildlife safari with rinos, zebras, and giraffes roaming wild. … definately worth checking out.


  3. love the socks! and love the yarns the men did… and love all the talk of food. mmmmm… glad you had a fun weekend with your dad! i finished the socks for my dad and forgot to get any pics. 😛 boooo. i’ll tell my dad to take pics when he tries them on. 🙂


  4. For the record, I prefer socks that don’t match! I just finished knitting (and the ends are ALL woven in. That tells you just how much I like them!) Cider Moon endy bits socks yesterday. They’re gorgeous. There was no pattern. So they’re swatchy, endy bits socks. They drive my hubby nuts. He’s officially in the “All Socks Should Match and be entirely made up of one of the following colors: tan, black, navy white” camp. Yep. And he loves me. Go figure.

    Love the socks! I’m coming for dinner. That looks GREAT!


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