Hand dyed sock yarn cage match!!

First of all, Ellie seems like she’s doing much better. She’s been a bit more active today, starting with banging on the door to her room (Ellie is confined to her own room at night because I can’t sleep with her running around like a lunatic at 3:00 am) at 7:00 am. That’s normal for her, and she hasn’t been doing that the past 4 or 5 days, so that’s a good sign. It sure would nice to be able to sleep in for a change, though.

She’s still keeping her one eye closed a bit, but when it’s open, it looks like it’s starting to clear up. I’m not sure if any of her eye medication I tried to apply this morning actually got in her eye, but fortunately, Travis should be home tonight and surely the two of us can take a 10 pound cat, right? Right? (insert skeptical crickets chirping here).

Right before we left to do the Knitter’s Connection thingy, I was having cat-related guilt pangs since we would be leaving her at home by herself during that time. This is a hard thing for me to do, being a dog person and all – you either take your dogs with you when you go places, or you find someone who will watch them. But having a cat is still a strange and foreign thing to me at times. Apparently, cats are just dandy if you leave them by themselves for days. As long as they have food and water and a nice place to poop, they seem to do okay.

Still, coming from my dog-background, it just doesn’t seem right to leave them alone for 4 or 5 days. Especially since Ellie is an only kitty (and if any of you are gluttons for punishment, I dare you to suggest to Travis that Ellie needs a kitty friend. Go on. Try it. It’ll be fun.), I’m afraid she’ll get lonely.

Where I’m going with all of this is why we wound up buying this…


…at Target about 2 days before the show. And also, another, larger, piece of cat furniture from the same line for Ellie’s room as well. Cat guilt. It can get expensive.

(Oh, and notice all of the miscellaneous dog toys in this photo? This is how I live, people. Our entire house looks like that. Don’t ever let it be said that our dogs have a want for toys)

The cat furniture is kind of unstable, but Ellie actually seems to use it, at least the circle of doom in the living room. See that dark smudge in the upper right quadrant of the circle? That’s Ellie. She only seems to use her little screened in room at all – she completely shuns the nice pillow area on the bottom of the circle, and I’ve only ever seen her stand on top of the whole thing once.

To get a better perspective of what it must be like to live inside the circle of doom, I got all National Geographic/Discovery Channel and took this picture of Ellie inside her native environment:


I’m pretty sure that if it were possible for cats to give someone the finger, that’s what I would have gotten right then.

On a different note, I finished my dad’s socks today!


And a close-up of the incredible, gourd-y orange my dad managed to get on his very first time dyeing yarn:


Breathe deep – you can almost smell the burning leaves and feel the crisp autumn air.

Dad was talking a lot of shit to Travis during the Dyeing of the Yarn, especially since Travis decided to overdye his skein. There was some grumblings of ‘beginner’s luck’ that were heard. Yarn dyeing suddenly became a lot more competitive. So, to mess with both of them, I decided to use Travis’ yarn as the heels and toes to Dad’s socks, and I’ll do the opposite with Travis’ socks. Now they’re both going to have to live with each other’s yarn! Ha!

I was going to write about the skeevy pirate dude on the 4-wheeler across the street from me, but I’m hungry, and that’ll have to wait for another post. But trust me, that’ll be a rant that you don’t want to miss.


4 thoughts on “Hand dyed sock yarn cage match!!”

  1. Great job Jacki!! I think they will become the official Thanksgiving Day Socks. I bet Travis is thankful that he’ll get some of the most amazing hand dyed yarn used in his pair of socks.


  2. i love that there will be smack talking in your blog about this forever. 🙂

    also – – cat furniture? makes me want to get a cat. we have no pets, but if/when we do – we’ve decided on dog(s). the socks are kick ass.


  3. I love the combo. I promise pictures soon. I went out last night with friends instead of photographing my socks. That tells you what kind of a crappy friend I am.

    Cute, Ellie! i love kitties!


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