Weekends rock!

Hola! Had a good weekend. A lot of fun stuff happened. Violet came by and hung out (sorry that you got lost on your way home, that sucks) on Saturday. She brought her drum carder, and I managed to not destroy it! Yay! I can see how much fun the drum carder can be, but there’s also a bit more of a learning curve than I had expected. I kept overloading the drum. I think I was just completely overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do, so I kept putting more and more fiber on the carder. I did manage to make these, though:


They were really poofy and soft. I’ve spun them up, but they’re still on the bobbin.

We also did a bit of dyeing with some of the leftover dyes from the dye class. Violet dyed some alpaca and merino roving, and I played around a bit with some mohair locks I had gotten from the Wool Gathering last year. For whatever reason, they smelled incredibly good. Like they had been washed in rainbows and flowers. And even after dyeing and rinsing, they still smell really nice.



Anyway, it was really nice to hang out with another fiber geek. 🙂 And Violet even brought me a button from ComFest, since I was too lame to go myself.


I put it on the little bag I knit that can hold a ball of yarn.

Travis had a big brewday on Saturday, which is the first time he’s brewed in forever, so that was pretty cool. Even though I’m not a beer person, I always think it’s cool when he brews. A little scary, maybe, but cool. 🙂

We took the dogs out to Wolf Run again on Sunday morning. There was some weird church/Sunday School thing going on right at the entrance to the hiking trails, which I thought was kind of odd, but then again, I guess if I was going to go to church, I’d rather go to church outside on a hiking trail than in an actual church. The church group wasn’t that big, though, and after we walked a few minutes we couldn’t even really hear them anymore.

I tried taking a bunch of photos, but since it was dark in the forest hardly any came out. I did like this one:


Bela rolled in poop on the hike, which is always fragrant and exciting.


We had to hose her down after we got home. Eww.

Travis got all crafty on me when we got home and whipped out a brand new hackle for me (which works great, by the way, and I’m looking forward to using it later on this week) and a keg/kettle dye pot. The keggle is going to have to be used under Travis’ supervision, since I have no idea how to use the turkey fryer burner that Travis uses to brew. Maybe Travis will dye some more kick ass yarn.

Oh! Speaking of, here’s the first of his socks knit up. I just started the second one this weekend.


The photo is a bit washed out – the colors are actually even deeper than that in real life.

To top the weekend off, we made a gigantic batch of Chex Mix. I have to say, this is one of our better batches. To the point where I’m not sure if I’ve eaten anything other than Chex in the past 24 hours. Which is a bit disturbing…


4 thoughts on “Weekends rock!”

  1. Love the socks…and I am laughing my arse off over your keggle. If you ever give birth you’ll know why…..or maybe you already do. I was happily oblivious until my 6 week post partum checkup. Oi. This is why Nick doesn’t like to let me out in public. I must apologize, I reskeined yarn for hours today and I’m completely loopy. I’ve also decided I need some mohair that smells like flowers and rainbows. Now that’s exciting.

    Tell Travis way to go on the metal pick hackle! It’s a thing of beauty. And what kind of beer is he brewing?


  2. Oh, Katie, why do you have to take something that is pure and good, like the keggle, and turn it into something naughty and wrong? Now I’m too afraid to even Google it. 🙂 And according to the recipe laying out in the garage, the beer Travis brewed is called a “WTF I Got Pale Ale.” Tasty!


  3. I’m LOL at Katie, because I thought the exact same thing. Just google “kegel” Jacki! 😉
    Tell T I’ll be right down for beer. I LOVE home brew.

    And Bela, eeeewwww! My furry kids do that too. That is so icky.


  4. Okay that’s it! You two are officially the most sickeningly cute married couple I know! Cuter than the activist knitter wife and her sensitive law school husband. Cuter than the punk rock cycling couple. Way cuter than me and Erika. With your crafting and brewing and making stuff for each other. I throw up my hands in disgust (envy)!


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