Afternoon procrastination

I’m drawing out my lunch a little bit to give me more of a break before I go back to skeining, which is the absolute most boring part of my job.  Skeining.  Woo.  Can you feel the thrill?

So, two things.  Apparently, according to the Pimp Name Generator, my pimp name is Sugar Lips Trickz.  Check it, yo?

Also, since the great Threadless buying spree, I’ve been scoring the submitted designs.  Most of them suck, but I’ve noticed there are a few designers whose work I’m consistently drawn to.  One designer is nes-k, who designs very cute, clean, and fun graphics.  Travis and I each have this shirt (although don’t worry, we’re not going to wear it on the same day, because that would be horrible and wrong) , which is a nes-k design.  After looking at his(?) profile, I found out he has a blog!  And a store!  Unfortunately, both are in French, and I’m not sure if the store will do international shipping or not.  Probably not.  Anyway, if you want to check out the blog, you can see some really awesome graphics.

And speaking of graphic design, go look at Violet’s fishes!  They’re really cute!  🙂