Mama had a baby and it was *twins*!


Yeah, it’s a crappy picture, but I was too excited. Spinning geeks, read on! Food geeks, skip down to the part of the post that has food pictures.

So, I finally got a break from the skeining of misery and despair this afternoon, and decided to play with my bright shiny new hackle. I wanted to try and do a self-striping yarn, so I loaded it up like this:


Then I went ahead and made 5 roving strips. I did things a little differently this time. First, I used a diz-button that had a smaller hole than I normally use. This made a thinner strip of roving, which was to be expected. Next, I normally start combing at the right side of the hackle and gradually work my way to the left, and then try to come back the other way. At some point after I’ve turned the corner, my roving strip breaks. And then all the other roving strips I make from that point on are noticeably crappier than the first, really long one. So this time, I made one pass of the hackle, from right to left, and then ended my strip. After that, I loaded more fiber onto the hackle and started again at the right side. This gave me better quality strips, but at some point I had too much fiber on the hackle and it started sproinging off, so I had to do two strips that were a little crappy to get them off. Still, better quality than what I normally get.

Here’s the resulting roving balls:


Pretty, no? I wish the photo didn’t have that weird rogue strand of fiber in the middle of it. What’s up with that?

I got 5 balls that came out to about 1 7/8 ounces. And because I’m 12, I keep trying not to get all Beavis and Butthead every time I type ‘balls.’

Next step? Spinning!


The strips were all pretty easy to spin. I was trying to spin thicker than my default, just to not get in a rut, and there are some weird skinny areas here and there, but since I am The Laziest Spinner Known to Man, I didn’t really care. Besides, it gave me an excuse to ply! I love plying! It’s my friend! It fixes all of my mistakes! Hooray, plying!

So I spun up some of the lime green roving, mainly because that’s what I had leftover from hackleing. I spun this even thicker than the striping roving.

I plied the first bobbin together. The first skein came out to 66 yards, 2 7/8 ounces, and was so fat and poofy that the Babe bobbin was absolutely full. I had only spun up about 2/3 of the green roving that I had, so I decided to go ahead and spin the rest of it up so I could ply the rest of the stripey yarn.

Skein number two? 66 yards, 3 ounces. How freaky is that? (Cue X-Files music in the background).

I’m going to go block them when I’m done with this post, so I can get pictures of them looking all pretty tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it looks like the new wheel is going to arrive then! Yay new wheel!

And here’s the food part of this post. I have this thing where I get all into whatever I’m doing (say, spinning, for instance) and I don’t think about food until I stop and then realize that I’m absolutely starving and having a low blood sugar moment and am all shaky. At this point, I normally just grab the fastest thing around and eat it just to start feeling better. As a result, I eat a lot of crap. I consider it a good day when I can at least make my stand-by: Triscuits topped with turkey pepperoni and cheese. That’s what I consider a meal, people. My life is that lame.

So, today, I got all low blood sugary and shaky, yet I did not surrender! I assembled the following ingredients:

Butter (Mmm!)
Pre-diced ham cubes
3 new potatoes from the Farmer’s Market (1 red, 2 yellow)
2 small onions from the Farmer’s Market (1 red, 1 white)
1 small zucchini from the Farmer’s Market

I diced up the above into really small pieces (except for the ham, since it already comes that way) and sauteed in the butter:


This made way more than I was expecting. It filled up a regular sized frying pan.

After the potatoes started turning golden, I whipped up 2 eggs. Then I dumped about 1/3 of the sauteed stuff into a smaller pan that my parent’s had gotten me for last Christmas. It’s cute and small and orange, and is range and oven safe. I dumped the eggs on top of the sauteed stuff and cooked on medium low for a few moments until the bottom set. Then I popped it into the toaster over at 300 degrees for 5 minutes until the top started setting, took that out and threw a slice of smoked Gouda cheese from Costco on top, and stuck it back in for another 5 minutes. I have no idea why I feel the need to source all of my ingredients like that. I think I’ve got some superior hippie thing going on (‘Look, I’m using Farmer’s Market onions!’). Anyway, I can’t stop. Someone please help me.

Never mind. After the Gouda got all melty, I figured it was done. Here’s what it looked like:


It was really good, and I’m hoping somewhat healthy, in spite of all the butter, cheese, and egg. The best thing is, I still have a bunch of the sauteed hash left over so I can have it tomorrow, either plain, or with the 2 remaining eggs in the fridge. We almost never use an entire carton of eggs before the expiration date. You have no idea how excited this makes me. Woot!


3 thoughts on “Mama had a baby and it was *twins*!”

  1. i’m so having an open face omelet for dinner, tonight. i read all that off to eric and he was like… ok, so when are we going to jacki’s farmer’s market?!? hehehe also, i don’t know what all those specifics of the spinning and the combing and the fuzziness means, but that is some gorgeous yarn and yay for barely fraternal twin handspun skeins!! 🙂


  2. Where did you find your hackle? I have been looking for one and they are hard to come by-especially as long as the one you are using.


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