One day, two FOs.

Subtitle: Just one of the many reasons why I kick ass. ๐Ÿ™‚

I finally got done with the Uber-Skein, so yesterday, before Travis went to work, he helped me warp up the loom for a day of weaving goodness. I had some Positano in Flurry that was too slubby to sell, so I used that as the warp, and some Barnwood in Glacier that had a different type of flaw in it, so that was used as the weft. I really love the colors in the Positano, so I wanted to use something in the weft that wouldn’t overpower it. The Barnwood fit the bill.

Warping always kind of sucks. It would take me a while to do if Travis wan’t being my peg monkey, running each loop of yarn down around the peg, but the worst part is getting all of the strands of yarn through the little holes on the heddle. It’s an awkward motion, and there’s not a comfortable way to do it. My back was already killing me when I was done warping, but by that point I was all excited – Yay, the warping is done! Woo hoo!


Weaving goes really amazingly fast, compared to knitting. At least it does if you’re just doing a plain weave – I would expect a fancier pattern would probably take a little longer. But I don’t know how to do any of those yet. I cruised right along on it until I had to stop and give my back a break. So I took the rest time as an opportunity to finish up Travis’ socks.


I had about 1 gram of yarn left in both colors when I was done.

Went back to weaving, and by about 4:00 pm I was done with the scarf! Pretty spiffy. It measures 8 3/4″ x 72″, so if you think of how long it would take you to knit something of that size, even garter stitch, you can get an idea of how fast weaving can be. And I tried to weave it kind of loose, because I wanted something that would drape. That’s the hard part, since it seems to make sense to beat down the weft firmly. I guess that’s good for making a rug, but not so good for a wearable item. Anyway, the scarf does drape, although slightly less than I had expected. But at least it’s not stiff like a board.

I wanted to do some type of fancier fringe, so I spent the next hour and half making these:


Twisty fringe! Cool.

All of the pictures of the scarf I took came out kind of lame.


You can’t really see the colors in this photo. Here’s an up close:


I really love this scarf. And it was such a fast and easy project that now I want to warp up the loom with something else and get working on a new project.

We took the dogs to Wolf Run a few days ago again and actually managed to get some good Bela pictures. Since she’s black, she’s hard to photograph well.


I love the shade of green in this photo:


Oh, and apropos of nothing besides summer Office withdrawal, here’s Andy!

WTF? You know, I’m not sure if this country is even going to make it to next Inauguration Day.


5 thoughts on “One day, two FOs.”

  1. that scarf is gorgeous. the close up of the coloring just takes my breath away… sometimes i wish i did some of the other fiber arts, but then i remember that i would get nowhere near the knitting done that i do, if i spent any time on those things. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    yay for bela pics and those socks rock!


  2. I love the scarf! I’m just knitting myself a “Jaywalker” scarf out of your Pistachio and Positano in Flurry. It’s taking significantly longer than your loom! What kind of loom do you have and are you self taught?


  3. I’ve got an Ashford 32″ rigid heddle loom. Travis got me it for Christmas, but almost as important as that, he also bought me the book ‘Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving,’ which is awesome and really explains what the heck you’re supposed to be doing. All I’ve done is very basic stuff with the loom, but I want to figure out how to do some of the fancier stuff with it at some point. Right now I’m just really happy with plain weave, though.

    It’s funny that you’re working with the Positano and Pistachio, becuase yesterday I wove just a few rows with some leftover Pistachio that I had (you need to do that at the beginning and end of your woven piece), and I really liked the way the two looked together.


  4. Sigh. You’re such an enabler. Of course we’re going to be putting new floors in two levels of our house this month, so the rigid heddle will have to wait. I have a birthday coming up, and I’m busily amassing a huge list. I love the way your fabric looks with handpainted yarn! It’s so gorgeous. Can you weaver heavier yarns with it?

    Oh, and my scarf is looking really nice. I’ll take a photo of it later this week (feel free to harass me). I’ve just got to finish up this Loopy Ewe order and mail it today. ugh. Super ugh. 9 lbs to reskein and then only 120 skeins to band, pack and ship. Think I’ll make it by 6:30pm?

    Oh, and what kind of sock blockers do you have? (I’m full of questions today!)


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