Day 2 of Le Tour de Fleece

As I write this, Travis is trucking away, spinning on the Babe. That pretty much rocks. He’s going to try and spin every day of Le Tour de Fleece, too, work depending.

I finished my goal for today:


And also my goal for tomorrow, as well:


It’s about 142 yards. I haven’t weighed it yet, but I expect that it’s right around 4 ounces. It also needs blocked.

I think my goal for tomorrow is going to finish up spinning this weird blue and tan roving I combed out last week. It’s slubby, but not in a good way, and I just want to be done with it. I’ll have to find something to ply it with as well, because lord knows, it needs the help. I also want to do a lot of weaving tomorrow. I was going to warp the loom tonight, but my head is too foggy to concentrate. It seems like it goes better if I warp in the morning.

Random Ellie picture!!


I don’t think I ever posted pictures of this really fat skein of handspun I did the other week here. I combed out some Sheep Shed mohair/wool roving and combined it with just a touch of purple-pink soy silk. Then I spun it up really fat and plied it so it was even fatter.


Well, I knit a hat out of it! I thought I would have plenty of yarn, maybe even enough to do a pair of fat wristwarmers, but I only just barely had enough to finish the hat. Seriously, I had 5 inches left over. Scary. Fortunately, the hat turned out awesome. It fits perfectly, is soft and uber-warm.



After I got done with the hat, I started knitting a pair of socks for Travis out of one of his new skeins of hand-dyed.


I like having an easy knitting project going at all times. I’ve been finding myself thinking more about spinning and weaving lately, so easy knitting projects are about all I can handle. It seems like I do more adventurous knitting projects in the winter and spring than in summer, anyway. So the multitude of Travis socks are working out well for me.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 of Le Tour de Fleece”

  1. sooooo many fun things in this post… that yarn travis did is so super fun! what great socks those will be! the hat and the yarn it was before it was hat are both simply beautiful. the other spinning looks like it was fun to do (and i bet it really was or you wouldn’t be a day ahead of yourself! 😉 ) and yay ellie!

    hope you get all the weaving you’re wishing for done, tomorrow. 🙂


  2. Hi Jacki,
    So sorry to hear about Toby’s tummy issues. We’ve been through it with Zinny-dog too. I had to have the mom-mobile detailed after a trip to the vet. Smelled worse than a pig farm. I hope she’s feeling better very soon.
    The spinning looks exciting! Love the pink hat.
    I’m kicking myself this morning after resisting a garage sale at the Fiber Studio in Henneker, NH yesterday. One of the boys was asleep so I didn’t stop. They are rumored to have the prettiest handmade cherry or walnut looms and spinning wheels and equipment ever. Plus, they have tons and tons of yarn. We were visiting Andrew’s brother & sister-in-law up there and on the way back to my parents’ place. Next time I’ll stop. Next time may be the NH Wool Arts tour around Columbus Day. SIL has almost talked me into it. It’d be a beautiful time of the year to be driving around NH!


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