Happy Birthday to me!

Hey, today was my birthday! I’m 31! Yay!

Travis, in addition to getting me the awesome Camera of Wonder, also hooked me up with a subscription to the Threadless shirt-o-the-month Club. That rocks, because now I’ll be getting an exclusive Threadless T every month for a year! I just hope I don’t get any Ts with clowns on them.

Since today was my birthday, I boycotted work. We took the dogs out to Wolf Run this morning at like 7:30 before it started to get real hot. This was the first time we’ve taken them out since Toby came down with giardia. She seems like she’s getting better, though, which is a relief. I just know I’m going to be on poop inspection duty for a while now (see, I used “poop” and “duty” in the same sentence – I’m not 31, I’m 12. :).

After we got back, Travis helped me warp the loom. I used some of the hand-dyed cotton I dyed the other day for the warp.



We went to Staples and found some awesome brown Kraft Paper to buy that fits perfectly into the loom. It’s 30″ wide and is nice and heavy. The paper helps keep the tension on you loom all nice and even when your warp is rolled up.

So, I did some weaving today, but I also spun some more for Le Tour de Fleece. I was going to finish up my blue and tan crappy yarn, but I combed this out last night:


It’s a combo of the kettle-dyed Sheep Shed wool/mohair roving, some sparkle fiber, and some of the turquoise ramie. I really loved combing this out. I am all about the hackle, I just feel so creative when I use it.

I combed out these:


And then I couldn’t wait to spin them up. So I change my goal to spinning all of the Emerald City roving balls (I started to call it Emerald City because that’s what it looked like. So there) today. Some of my sparkle fiber didn’t get combed quite enough apart, so I wound up with some disco-blingy spots here and there, but it doesn’t bother me. I just think they’re funny.

I finally got done plying a little bit ago (I let Travis use the Louet to ply his yarn, since it was so fat – the Louet has a larger orifice).


Here’s the finished skein! 5 ounces, 240 yards:



I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I had moments of doubt, thinking that one ply was going to clash horribly with the other, but after I started plying I thought that it was going to turn out pretty cool. I can’t wait to get a photo of it in the sunlight.

So tomorrow my Tour goal is to spin the crappy blue and tan roving and ply it with some leftover weirdness from the Babe. I’ve got a fair amount of work stuff to get done tomorrow so I’m keeping my goal pretty low. Besides, there’s weaving to do, too – all of my photos of the actual woven bits turned out pretty bad, so I’ll try to get some better ones tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. happy birthday, lady!! 🙂

    yay threadless of the month! i was just perusing thinking ahead to Christmas gifts. i wish i had the money to buy one of those for everyone i know. hehehe

    your fiber fun today sounds ample and lovely. did you know that sparkly is my favorite color, followed closely by blue. so i’m drooling over that handspun you came up with, today! 🙂


  2. Kraft paper is a good idea for the loom. I was wondering if the wrapping paper in my closet would fit, I haven’t checked yet. For the trial run I used scraps of junk mail. Kraft paper would look much nicer! I am about to start a warp if I can get myself off of the computer. 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday dear Jacki, happy birthday to you!

    I’m so impressed with your loom, hackle and wheel. I’ve been knitting up some socks that just will not finish. They have to be done by this friday, because they’re my mom’s b-day present….. I know, i know, present knitting….


  4. happy birthday! i’m glad you took time to celebrate. terry and i are wanting to hang out some Saturday in the near future… perhaps we can have a dinner to celebrate your b-day


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