Day 4 of Le Tour de Fleece

Travis is a spinning monster! He is so good at this, I can’t believe it. His yarn is all nice and even, which was funny, since the little I spun today was all blumpy and gross (not all my fault, though – I was using roving of questionable quality). So my yarn looks funky and his looks nice and pretty. Anyway, it’s so cool that he’s spinning, because that just means we’ll go through my fiber stash even faster and then we’ll be able to get more new stuff! Sheep Shed, here we come!

I spent a lot of the day doing work stuff, skeining and balling and photography. After I got done with that for today, I spun up the rest of my blue and tan weird yarn, and then plied it with the sample ply I was making when Terry was here. I had carded up some batts and spun them on this ply, so it’s not a coherent yarn, just a bunch of different samples. Anyway, in my quest for bobbin cleanliness, I plied the batt-ply and the blue and tan ply together (along with the leftover little bit of Emerald City) and got 5 1/4 ounces and 271 yards of yarn funkiness:



It looks a lot better than it actually is – there’s a huge amount of harsh slubs in there, but I don’t care, the plies are off of the bobbins! Yahoo!

I think tomorrow I want to spin at least 4 ounces of this:


It’s the ugly merino that came with the Louet wheel. I dyed it to make it pretty. I think it’ll be nice when spun up. I’m not planning on doing anything really exotic with this, just a straight up simple 2 ply yarn.

Random dog photos!




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