It’s the Kitten Show!

Yeah. Did not mean to take a 5 day hiatus from the blog. I did mean to take a few day hiatus, since there was a lot of spinning and dyeing going on, but then our computer exploded the other night, and we had to wait until Travis got back home from work to fix it. But it’s all better now.

So, there has been combing…


And spinning…


And other spinning which didn’t go so well, but I’m still too traumatized to take pictures or even talk about it. Let’s just say that it’s never a good idea to lose track of which direction you’re plying your yarn in.

There was dyeing:



And fiber organizing:


And there was more spinning, until Ellie decided to eat my roving:


But the past few days, I’ve felt a bit out of sorts. It may have had something to do with the lack of computer access, or even just the weather – it’s been gray and overcast, and we desperately need rain, but have only gotten a few drops. Just kind of a general sense of oddness, but not good odd, more like a slightly disturbing odd.

I’ve had a few days where it seems like everything I’ve tried to do has come out wrong, or if at least not wrong, not entirely right, either. I started knitting something yesterday (with handspun silk, no less) and this morning I woke up and thought, “Why did I even start this? I’m not going to finish it,” and frogged it. My spinning has been a little odd, too – there was the Catastrophe spinning to which I alluded to upthread, and today I started spinning yarn to do a 3-ply. It has a lot of this weird cloying pink color in it, and again, I’m kind of thinking, “Why did I even start this? I hate this color.” I will finish it though, and hopefully the other colors in it the yarn will tone the pink down (one reason I decided to go with a 3 ply rather than a 2).

Good stuff happened earlier this weekend. We had a big keggle dyeing day, and Katie, I think I’m finally getting the hang of dyeing that way. We’ve had some really fun fiber and yarn come out of it, and I keep thinking of different color combos I want to try. We’ve also got the big-ass fiber stash somewhat organized, so that should make it easier to find stuff when I want to try combing up different roving balls.

And today, we had a live version of the Kitten Show!

We live in a weird neighborhood, where the cops are called all the time to various houses across the street from ours. We don’t have a lot of contact with our neighbors. There are some friendlies down the street from us that we’ll see every once in a while, and our immediate next door neighbors are nice, although we don’t talk a lot to them, either (we’re kind of anti-social). The one guy we do see a lot and probably talk to the most kind of takes care of the vacant property next to ours and is friend to all of the neighborhood cats. He’s pretty harmless.

Across the street from us is a rental property with 3 apartments in it. The current occupants are a couple with a baby. With the caveat that all we know about these people is what we see of them outside their apartment, the guy seems all right, and the woman is a screamy freak. We call the guy BoomBoom since that’s what he had painted on the windows of his truck for about a month. I’m just going to call the woman McScreamy, because of how much she screams.

Anyway, McScreamy has had BoomBoom arrested twice now in about the space of one week. Or, rather, they get in a big fight, and from what we can tell, McScreamy basically beats the crap out of BoomBoom, who just kind of lets her, she screams all over the place, the cops show up, and BoomBoom is the one who gets arrested. All the while, McScreamy is screaming all about how much she loves this man, and what is she going to do, she’s got the baby and she has to go to work tomorrow, and blah, blah blah. It’s pretty crazy, and us neighborhood folk have kind of foregone any sort of trying to appear that we’re not interested in what’s going on over there. The last time the shit went down, there was quite an audience.

Long story long, we haven’t seen BoomBoom since he’s been arrested this past time and McScreamy hasn’t had anyone to yell at. What does this have to do with the Kitten Show? Not much, except that besides having a baby, McScreamy seems to have 2 tiny, tiny kittens as well. And Travis and I have been hanging out in the front yard a lot lately with the dogs, and we all watch the Kitten Show from across the street. The kittens run around and play with each other and climb on things, and it’s all very cute and keeps the dogs very interested.

So, today we were all outside, and the Kitten Show was on. Bela was standing in our yard, staring at the biscuit-colored kitten. And biscuit kitten started staring back. And then he strolled across the street and came into our yard.


The dogs were going nuts. Bela was all “Intruder! Intruder!” but she was actually pretty good, until Toby couldn’t take it anymore (Toby loves kittens) and tried to snout the biscuit kitten. Biscuit kitten got all freaked out and hissy, and then Bela was alike, “You can’t do that to Toby!” and tried to attack. This went on over and over, and yet Biscuit kitten never tried to run away or anything. Stupid, or brave? You be the judge.

Finally, we had to take the dogs inside since Bela was going to eat the kitten. I picked it up and took it back across the street, when the other half of the Kitten Show came out and was all “Where were you? What’s it like across the street?” Then I turned around and went back into the yard, and Biscuit kitten had followed me across the street. So I took it back across the street, and the same thing happened, but I just went inside. The biscuit kitten was at the edge of our yard, crying at me, and other kitten was at the edge of its yard, crying at the Biscuit kitten. Kitten insanity!

Here’s some pics, but there are more on Flickr, as always.




Oh, I did manage to knit a hat for Travis out of some of his handspun, but no pics yet. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “It’s the Kitten Show!”

  1. I hope all the weirdness is over for a little while! I think the kitten-bending-backwards-in-fear-like-a-cartoon pictures pretty much says it all!

    I’ve unplied yarn before. If you decide it’s worth it, my advice is to wait until you are in a really really bad mood…


  2. i love the kitten story. i’m sorry to hear you’re feeling yucky in terms of the things you create, lately… let me tell you that everyone is thrilled with the UD yarn… even non-knitters think it’s the coolest thing… 🙂 thanks again and again!!


  3. I saw travis’ hat earlier today! way to go – i love it. I also love the look on your face, travis! (smug and happy!)

    I want to know about this keggle dyeing…I am so curious. Of course if it’s trade secret I understand and will happily oggle the blog. It just looks so cool. Sigh, I wonder if New Belgium offers anything in a keg? If they do, you guys are invited! “Drink my beer – I must dye!” 😉

    Don’t worry about your fiber funk, Jacki. It will pass. I get that way too. Usually for a couple or three weeks, and then I’m ok. Are you on Ravelry? There’s lots of pretties over there. Maybe some inspiration will help?


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