Post of randomness


1. Finished up the weird 3 ply yarn yesterday.


I actually wasn’t really crazy about this yarn – I was more just relieved that it was done. However, some nice people on Flickr had some nice things to say about it, so I can appreciate it a bit more now. 🙂

2. I’ve always been pretty ambivalent towards navajo plying, since for me, the best part of spinning is combining a bunch of crazy colors and seeing what they do together (see the above yarn). However, I think I’ve come to realize that navajo plying may have its place in spinning. Specifically, I think I can find it quite useful to get leftover singles off of my bobbins. I love having clean, tidy bobbins (unlike the rest of my life which is messy and random), so I’m going to practice navajo plying on the leftover singles to clear off the bobbins.

3. Here’s the Angst Yarn from the other day, all 3 skeins of it.


Each skein is plied differently from the others. One is plied differently in the middle of the skein, actually. I still think I can use some combination of the 3 to knit socks, since the yarn is superwash, after all. There are tiny coils in some parts, because I thought it would be fun to have a sock yarn with coils.

4. I really, really like using the hackle.


1. Arlen Specter is a whiny little bitch. I was watching C-SPAN yesterday, as I’m sometimes wont to do, and he was all on the Senate floor, crying about how Harry Reid was mean to him. Oh, wait, what’s that noise I hear? Sounds like the WHAAAAAAAAAmbulance! All I can tell Arlen is that unless he caused a big stink about how rude Cheney was when he told Patrick Leahy to go fuck himself, he can go cry to himself in the corner.


1. I want to do more keggle dyeing! So much fun! Katie, I’m not really sure how it differs from just regular kettle dyeing (I’m thinking on a stovetop), besides the size of the container being used, but I’ll write a step by step next time we do it.


1. Travis and I have been listening to a lot of this guy recently.


1. Still working on the second of Travis’ Sesame Street hand-dyed socks. I’m a little more than halfway down the leg.

2. A conundrum. I love, love, love doing colorwork. I love dyeing my own yarn. I hate, hate, hate dyeing solid colors. I can’t justify buying a bunch of solid colored yarn. What to do?

3. I think I’m going to start knitting this. It seems like I’ve got yarn that will give me the correct gauge, albeit in a wool/alpaca blend. I had dyed a bunch of yarn to make Tubey, but that didn’t really seem like it was going real well, so I went ahead and had some Yarn Reassignment Surgery last night. I wanted to knit something that was more like a traditional sweater is put together, so I’ll learn how to do that, however, I have a short attention span and I’m just hoping I can get through Bad Penny. I’ll probably alter the bottom of the sweater and the sleeves, though. I should have plenty of yarn (for once) so I may just make the sleeves long so I can wear it in winter. Look at me, talking like I’ll actually be able to finish something! Silly me!


1. Speaking of finishing things, I have a ton of quilts/wallhangings that I started and never finished. Why? Because I am so easily distracted. Anyway, after the Tour is over, I want to start plugging away at some of these UFOs. I’m setting a low, attainable goal for myself. By the end of August, I would like to complete this quilt:


This is actually pretty cool. The waterfall image in the center came from a photo I took when Travis and the dogs and I went camping in the UP of Michigan a few years back. I took the photo, messed with it in Photoshop, sliced it up, and printed out sections of it on different pieces of white fabric that had been treated with Bubble Jet Set. Then I sewed it together, added the borders (the color border was from fabric I had dyed) and hand-quilted pretty much the entire waterfall portion of the quilt. In case you’re wondering, I think the center icture is about 36″ across or something like that. I stalled out when I got to the borders. I had added this insanely huge black border with the thought that I would do something cool and artsy in it. Well, not so much. I think all I need to do now to finish it is just stitch in the ditch around my border strips, hack off about 8″ of the black border all the way around, and throw the binding on. I should be able to get that done in a month. Hell, if I really wanted to, I could get it done in a day. I just hope my motivation level is there!


1. I still need to get those Crate and Barrel shelves.

2. I’m trying to justify making some gigantic fiber purchases.

3. I have a gift certificate from The Woolery I need to use to order the 5 dent hackle, but I’m afraid that once I go to order that, all sorts of other stuff is going to jump into my shopping cart.

Crazy Neighbors:

1. BoomBoom is back! I just saw him outside and he was sporting some serious plumbers crack. Did not want to see that.


1. Travis is going to Portland next week! I think it’s cool that he’s going, but I’m pretty jealous, too, since I’ve always wanted to go to that part of the country. Someone needs to call the Whaaaaambulance for me! 🙂

2. We always take a 2 week camping trip in the fall with in our pop-up camper with the dogs. If anyone has any suggestions for really neat, out of the way places that we may not know about, they would be welcome. Preferably it would be around a swimmable body of water (for Toby, since she loves going swimming), and be near a campground at a state park or forest or something (with electric hookups, hopefully). We were kind of thinking the UP again, or maybe Missouri. We were thinking Vermont, but all but one of the state park campgrounds for where we wanted to go close after Labor Day, and the vacation doesn’t start until the last week of September. Hmm.


7 thoughts on “Post of randomness”

  1. I love the yarn that gave you fits! It’s gorgeous, Jacki! Really, really beautiful.

    Thanks for the keggle info. Oh, and tell Travis I will not be ripping off any micro brew kegs. For some reason your keggle looks like a party keg with the top cut off. I was thinking of BUYING a New Belgium keg full of fat tire or skinny dip etc., enjoying the beer and they trying to dye. Oi. Would that be a mess or what?

    You want to trade yarn? I can do solids for ya. I really don’t mind them. Of course, I usually don’t level my solid dye baths so there’s subtle variation. I’ve been teaching myself to throw so that I can knit two handed. I also checked out Latvian Mittens from my library. Holy moly is there some good stuff in there! I’m working on their child’s sampler. But I’m cheating. Using a natural wool and then a varigated instead of multiple solid colors. 😉 I’m a newb, what can I say?


  2. It is a little keg, like half or 1/3 the size of a regular sized keg. I know nothing about beer. Is it a party keg, then? And would you immediately start dyeing after you finished up the beer? Because that would be good times. 🙂

    And subtly variegated yarn is nice! Once I figure out what I’d like to do, we’ll definitely have to do a yarn swap. It’s the figuring out what I want to do part that gets me. I actually haven’t seen the Latvian Mittens book yet, but I can only imagine the colorworky goodness that awaits!


  3. When you buy a keg of beer you are not buying the keg. You are buying the beer inside it. You put a deposit down on the keg that you should get back when you return the keg. I haven’t bought a keg in a long time, but I think the deposit is in the $20-30 range. If you keep that keg and it never gets back to the brewery it costs them about $180 to replace. Did that make any sense? Or I am just rambling? Anyway the keg that we use is a pony keg or 1/4 keg. It holds 7.75 gallons a quarter of a barrel for those in the biz.


  4. No – you’re making total sense! I did not know that! If I were going to steal a keg, it would have to be Bud Light – because I despise that stuff. (Sorry to all the Bud Light fans..)

    After reading about your home beer brewing I’ve been thinking about asking for a kit for my upcoming b-day. Anything you recommend? I can cook, and I like good beer, but I know nothing about cooking beer. 😉


  5. You can’t go wrong with either Northern Brewer or B3. Both great companies that I deal with on a regular basis. I would strongly recommend getting John Palmer’s book How To Brew. Probably the best book for beginners. Both of the companies have forums with great people that will help if you have questions. Also there is The Brewing Network that is a mulitmedia (poscast/video/live streaming) homebrew resource that I’m involved with. It also has a great forum. And of course I would always be available to you for any questions you might have. I forgot that the first edition of How to Brew in online for free here.


  6. I have to say that I’m strangely taken by your “weird 3-ply yarn”–I love how the colors work together and set each other off. Makes for a very pretty skein! And I also wanted to say I agree with you about Christopher Eccleston (mmmm….). So sad to see him go. BTW: I knit a Dr. Who scarf for my husband this past winter. Whew! Too. Much. Garter. Stitch. 😉


  7. I love all of your yarns and the quilt. I have a question, what is Bubble jet set and what is it’s use? I’m a quilter also and have never heard of that before. Thanks in advance and I can’t wait to see what your next colorway is.


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