Well, at the time I’ve started to type this, Travis is boarding a plane that takes him to Charlotte, NC, and then, later on, to Portland, OR. That makes perfect sense. Thank you crazy airline hub systems!

I’m really tired, even though I just got up from a nap. I haven’t slept much the past few days (my own fault – the other night I stayed up late watching the history-trash TV show that is The Tudors – only 3 more episodes left to go! – and last night we just went to bed late and got up early, due to Travis having to drive to Indiana). My eyes are doing that crunchy, burning thing they do when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while, and I’m kind of dazed. I’m really bad at recognizing people anyway, and we saw someone we knew in the grocery store yesterday, and I was all obviously, “Uhhh…. Oh yeah! I know who you are!” Brain… not functioning. Embarrassment level… high.

I did, however, manage to recognize the UPS guy while we were shopping. Of course, this was probably aided by the fact that he was A. Still in UPS uniform, and B. Black. There are like 2 black people that live in Mount Vernon. It’s a town that is really irritatingly white. At least Columbus has a pretty diverse population. Going to Whole Foods is almost like going to Epcot Center! Anyway, back to the UPS guy – I’m not sure if our normal UPS guy, Steve, has been replaced, but the last two times I had a package delivered it was New, Lonely UPS guy (the one we saw at Kroger’s last night). And I say he’s lonely because he was right behind us in the checkout lane and was buying pretty much exclusively: Boxes of Banquet frozen dinners, and Boxes of Toaster Pastries. I’m talking serious quantities of boxes, here.

Travis and I just kind of got this sad vibe from him, like I imagined him going home and opening his freezer to put away his groceries, and having everything in there neatly arranged – one side thin red Banquet frozen dinner boxes, and the other side thin yellow Toaster Pastry boxes. Breakfast and dinner. He probably eats the same thing for lunch everyday, although I hope not, I hope he splurges and gets something fun while he’s out delivering packages.

It’s not like I know the guy or anything, but he seems pretty nice in that generic ‘Hi! I’m delivering a package!” sort of way, so I just wanted to throw this out there, that if anyone is looking for some UPS action, that there’s a possibility here. Someone, please cook this man a decent meal. Let him know food can be more than what fits into a thin, cold box.

Although I should really talk, based on my food choices lately. I told Travis that when he’s gone, my eating habits are going to consist mainly of cracker or chip type of material and then some sort of dip or spread. Specifically, I have lots of Triscuits and tortilla chips, fresh pico de gallo (bought from Kroger, and while it doesn’t look as good as Whole Foods’, it seems like it will be tolerable), avocados to make guacamole, and cucumbers and sour cream to make tzatiki sauce. Mmm! I’ll have to do a post soley on that, because I think I make a pretty damn good tzatiki sauce for never using a recipe or anything. I’m going to have to try it with yogurt one of these days (what’s holding me back is that you’re supposed to strain it, and I wound up using all of the cheesecloth in the house for dyeing).

I actually fell off the Tour de Fleece wagon yesterday. No spinning was done. I have only myself to blame, although I find it somewhat ironic that the day I didn’t spin this happened. Note to athletes who do illegal performance enhancing stuff: you will get caught, and in the meantime, you make the sport suck. I know there’s a subset of people out there who feel that steroids and stuff actually make sports cooler to watch. I think those people suck, too. Of course, I am still of the opinion that the Olympics should only be for amateur athletes, and also, what the heck is up with National and American League baseball teams playing each other during the regular season?

I did spin a bit the other day. This is half of the cool roving that Travis had dyed. We’re each going to spin half of it and then ply it together.


I also finished up the Sesame Street socks I was knitting for Travis out of yarn that he dyed.


I made a really stupid mistake on the second sock. I knit the gusset with the top of the sock ribbed, without remembering that I had the knit the foot of the first sock in stockinette. Travis said he didn’t care, so I left it, but still, kind of funny.

I’ve been trying to figure out crochet.


People say this is faster than knitting, I guess? Maybe I’ll get speedier the more I do it. I don’t have any particular goal in mind (although the amigurmi animals are awful cute), it just has felt like something I should know how to do, at least a little.

I got my first Threadless shirt of the month, too.


It’s kind of weird, kind of cute in a “What the hell is it?” kind of way.

File this under the category of: It’s About Time. I just wish they were doing something about Alberto Gonzales instead. Patrick Leahy, don’t let me down!

And in other political news, I still think this is brilliant:

As of right now, Edwards is my guy, mainly because he seems to be really, really pissed about what’s happened to this country (much more so than in 2004), and that’s the one quality I’m looking for in a candidate right now. And his wife rocks. But it’s still early, and god knows what will happen in the next 15 months or so.

I do think Biden and Kucinich should form a kooky comedy duo, though. “The Adventures of Hairplugs and Lefty.” You know you’d watch.


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  1. awww… I would totally cook the UPS guy a good meal if I were anywhere in the vicinity, and if he were in the 20-35 age range (it would be creepy otherwise). I love the blue/green that you’re crocheting, did you spin that? What is the fibre? It looks so smooshable and soft. I LOVE the colour, also. I didn’t actually notice the mistake on the sock until I read what it was. And I kind of had a bit of a “goosh” moment when I read that you and Travis were each going to spin a single of the top he dyed and then ply them together. Let’s say it all together now “aaaaawww”. Could you post your tzatiki recipe? I haven’t really found any I like since I was in Greece, and I lurve it oh so much πŸ™‚ I totally love that threadless shirt too… I must investigate… Sorry this comment has been so rambly πŸ˜€


  2. Hello, Miss Jacki! I got my yarn the other day and it’s amazing. I love you guys. Are you going to be terribly lonely with only the chip & dip action to keep you cozy? I hope Travis enjoys his trip – it does sound like fun. I’ve never been to Portland and it sounds like a really cool place to visit….that and San Francisco. But then again, I’ve been listening to Stash and Burn go on and on about their yarn stores the past couple of days.

    The doping totally sucks. I’m not into cycling. Kinda scared to admit it, but I like football. As of last year. Nick was in a fantasy league simply because some friends of his invited him – he had never watched football before. And now I watch football. It’s great knitting time! Oi. just another couple of weeks until the preseason starts. πŸ˜‰

    Right now, I have a totally bad attitude about politics. I’m firmly convinced that all politicians suck. There are so few honest people running our country that it’s sad. And the good guys will never be president because they’re too honest. I’m cynical. I’m bitter. I’m tired of war.


  3. Your website ate the part of my comment where I wasn’t being a giant asshole. It was full of ironic hilarity wry puns. Oh well. The short story is that I secretly find you and Travis adorable and love Dennis Kucinich.


  4. The UPS guy fits in that age range, so no creepiness there! πŸ™‚ The yarn I’m using to crochet is some Inca Cotton that I dyed a year or so ago, one of the first times I tried dyeing cotton yarn. It looked pretty sorry in the skein, but improves after being worked into something. I’ll post about the tzatiki later, but if you’ve had tzatiki sauce in Greece, then I’m kind of afraid mine is going to not even be able to compare. :O


  5. Wish I could check out the Tudors, it’s one of my favorite reading subjects! But we don’t have Showtime. I’m going to have to check out Threadless though. Looks like a fun place to shop. Have fun planning your trip! Tricia


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