The Big-Ass Skein o’ Yarn and some other stuff

So, Karida said she was going to send me some yarn of hers that I’ve been lusting after since I saw it at TNNA. It came in the mail today, and after a chat with the friendly train-buff mailman (Travis, be glad you weren’t here; he was talking all about train stuff to me), I was finally able to go inside and open up the box.


The skein, it is large.


It’s over 18 ounces. Which begs the question, Karida, did you dye this in the microwave? And if so, are you using industrial sized microwaves? Because, damn!

Of course I took funny pictures with it.



Bela is very, very tolerant of me. Of course, she gets to sleep in our bed every night, so I guess it works both ways.

The reason I wanted this color of yarn in particular was because I had accumulated the following skeins of yarn at Knitter’s Connection, and I needed the green to complete the picture. I needed it. Whatever I’m going to make just would not work without the green.


So, I need to figure out what’s going to happen with it. I’m thinking some type of woven concoction, but I need to finish what is on the loom now. I’ve stalled out on weaving lately. It may have something to do with the Tour (which I’m officially done with, I think – no spinning today. Lots of knitting, tho). I don’t know. It’s weird, because I really like what is on the loom right now. I just need to be done with it so I can move on with my life.

Like I said, I have been knitting a lot. I knit this sock last night and this morning:


I’m halfway done with the pair. I hadn’t intended on starting on another sock right after I got done with Travis’, but what the hell. The yarn is the only thing I have ever dyed with Kool-Aid, and I wanted to see how it knit up. I really like the color combo, actually. It looks all happy and summery to me, which is ironic, since the socks are going to be best worn on icy winter days.

Barring any catastrophes, I should be done with the second sock sometime tomorrow. That means I’ll have the following currently in progress:

1. My silly crocheted square, which is actually not a square at all, since I started with 36 stitches, and now I have only 31. I have to keep remembering that that was how I was when I started out knitting, too. Stitches multiply or disappear in the beginning. No stress.

2. My second pair of Saucy socks, knit out of Thin Mint. I haven’t actually knit on these in months. I think it requires too much looking at the pattern. And even though I wrote the pattern, I still have to look at it when I’m knitting – memorizing stitch patterns is near impossible for me.

3. The Bad Penny sweater, which I’m about 17 rounds into and trying desperately not to die from boredom. Magic Eight Ball says, “Outlook Cloudy.”

4. The woven shawl thing that I just need to be done with.

It’s been one of those days where I haven’t felt like doing any work or being productive at all. Normally when Travis is gone I can get a lot of work-related stuff done, like dyeing and photography and all that. Not so much today. I did some stuff, but was pissy throughout. It’s a good thing I hardly have to communicate with people face to face, since I’m so bad at it. Anyway, on a day like today I’m just happy I got so much knitting done; at least the day wasn’t a total waste.

I’ve got a big batch of cotton yarn that I need to dye, hopefully here in the next few days. I was kind of hoping that we’d get a hot, sunny day where I could dye everything in the morning, and then let it batch outside for a day so the colors would get really strong, but I think the forecast calls for thunderstorms and clouds the next 5 days or so. So I just need to go ahead and do it anyway, lest I have undyed cotton yarn hanging up in my house for weeks on end. At least I already have the dyes mixed up. That’s the worst bit. Besides the rinsing.

Talked to Travis, who seemed quite cheery, and talked to D’Amico, who seemed quite sloshed. I think D’Amico offered to pay me $250 to knit a Doctor Who scarf for him. Doctor Who Scarf!! Maybe I should make my crochet goal to learn how to crochet well enough to crochet a dalek. That would be awesome.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I just resumed watching the new season today. I just got done with episode 3, which was such an improvement after the awful horrendousness that was the Shakespeare episode. God, was that bad. And David Tennant is okay, but I loved Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. The David Tennant episodes (and it’s probably not the actor, but the writing and production) seem to veer more into Disney territory. Honestly, I’m only watching because I know (Spoiler alert!) Captain Jack shows back up. Please, someone fire all of the actors in Torchwood and give Captain Jack someone competent to act against.

Hey, Ellie just caught a bug! That’s what we pay her for, folks.

That’s all for now. Tzatiki recipe tomorrow, I promise!


4 thoughts on “The Big-Ass Skein o’ Yarn and some other stuff”

  1. That one was dyed in the big pot, but I do dye those in the microwave when I hand paint them. It’s a normal microwave, but I just get the yarn nice and wet and really shove it in there. Sometimes 2 at a time.

    And I’m glad you like it! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. And seriously, you are my fiber arts idol. I want to come live with you and learn the way of the Jacki. Because crochet too?!? On top of knitting, dyeing, spinning, and weaving. Plus those wild fiber blends. What next? Please don’t start harvesting Bela’s fur.


  2. Add me into the mix of the fiber arts idol….speaking of which, you will never ever guess what arrived at my house yesterday. I went out to get the mail and found the leaning tower of boxes (good thing Nick was still at work.) Top box: Loopy Ewe, Panda Cotton. Second box, Knit Picks: needles and some solid yarn for a hat for Nick (don’t ask why he won’t let me dye for him!). Third box (Biggest and the best): the most amazing roving hand combed by the fiber goddess jacki herself. In cupcake colors. I kid you not! I was making cupcakes for a friend’s birthday and the they matched the fiber. I was so excited the kids and I did a happy dance around the kitchen and I immediate called Nick at work:

    Me: (in a barely contained squeal) “Hi, what are you doing?”
    Him: “Nothing.”
    Me: “Jacki sent me a present! It’s fiber! It’s the best fiber ever! It’s Cider Moon!!!!”
    Him: “How much did you spend?”
    Me: “Nothing! It’s a present!!! I am so excited!”
    Him: “That’s nice,”

    Oi. Men who don’t spin! But in other news, when I called Cassie the wonder yarn helper, she had to come over to see it last night and we stayed up until 1 am knitting and talking about how much we love Cider Moon. Swoon.

    Thank-you so much for your generous gift. I love it. I’m going to spin it asap…. I was so excited to receive it and i LOVE the colors. I’m going to make it into a hat. I have a new hot pink winter coat and it’s going to be a hat!!!!

    Jacki is the best!

    Oh, and I say weave all that gorgeous yarn, too. I love the way it looks in the pile. *waves to Karida*


  3. Love the kool aid socks and Sesame Street socks! Know what? Bela is a good girl! I hope she got an extra treat. Today my daughter, affectionately dubbed Mayhem, put pony tail holders on Coco’s ears (choc Lab). Thank God Labs are so tolerant! Anyway, Bela, Coco says she feels your pain! 😉

    Jacki, go look what I’m doing with my Rainbow Trout glacier. 😀


  4. Knitting sweaters is sooooo tedious. I feel your pain. That’s why I stick to socks anymore. 🙂

    Love the green in that giant skein of yarn. Your dog is getting to be quite the yarn model.


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