Breaking Radio Silence

You know how I was saying I was all meh and couldn’t focus on anything? Well, I finally got motivation to start taking care of some business stuff I’ve had hanging over my head for the past 2 months, so I’ve spent the past 4 or 5 days doing that (except for Monday – Travis and I went to Columbus to celebrate consumerism that day). I’ve gotten the cotton yarn all dyed and washed, gotten a bunch of stuff skeined, and gotten a whole binload of funky yarn reskeined so I can overdye all of it. I finally decided that this stuff was taking up too much room in the house and I was sick of having it around. Since I’m rarely this motivated, I figured I had beeter take advantage of it while it lasts.

The tzatiki recipe! Here it is, before I promise it again and then don’t deliver. Remember, this is just my interpretation of it, and it probably tastes very little like authentic Greek tzatiki sauce, but it’s still good. I eat it with Triscuits, felafel, french fries, mozzarella cheese sticks, pretty much anything starchy. It’s also good as a dip for raw veggies.

Take 1 tub o’ sour cream (or plain yogurt, strained – I haven’t tried this yet, but intend to) and dump the sour cream into a bigger container. After you add the cucumbers and stuff to it, it won’t fit in the original tub. Next, peel and remove the seeds from half a cucumber. Then dice the cucumber finely and mix into sour cream. Mash up a few cloves of garlic (the more the better!) and throw it in as well.

I don’t think the next bits are typically in regular tzatiki, but I always chop up some green onions and throw those in as well, and then add some cilantro. I think traditionally, tzatiki is made with mint, but I like cilantro better. Plus, I just found a cool new product at Krogers – tubes of cilantro paste, which is awesome, since I suck at remembering to use fresh herbs. The cilantro paste is the bomb. Trader Joe’s also carries little frozen cubes of both minced garlic and cilantro, which also work well (aslong as you let them thaw a little bit first).

To top it off, I add some Greek Seasoning and miscellaneous other seasonings (I’ve been adding some powdered lemon peel and Sunny Spain seasoning too, both from Penzey’s). Taste it and see if you think it needs anything else. Then I let it sit in the fridge for about an hour to let all the flavors mingle before eating. Yum!

I finished my Kool Aid socks.


I finished one of the Saucy socks.


I’m about 1/4 of the way through with the pair. I’m not too into it right now, but I’d like to get it done so it’s not hanging over my head for the next three months like the first sock was. I’ve got a bunch of other socks on the horizon I would like to knit, including having my first go at toe-up socks, but I’d like to get done with the Saucy ones before I start on those. I did, however, start on the last pair of the Kraemer socks, dyed by Travis. I needed something brainless to knit in the car, so I figured that it could be my travel knitting.

As mentioned, Travis and I went to Columbus to have a fun day after he got back from Portland. We spent way too much money, probably (I haven’t balanced the checkbook yet), but I got some stuff I’ve been wanting for a while. 2 books about the Tudors – one about Henry’s wives, and the other about Elizabeth. I want to see if the reality was trashier than the Showtime show. I suspect it was. You know, for someone who has a degree in History, I know very, very little about history. Maybe that was the purpose of getting the degree. To realize how much you don’t know.

I got some knitting/crochet stuff, too. 3 new crochet hooks, 2 of which are the more expensive nice cushy ones, and 1 absolutely ridiculously sized one so I can maybe try crocheting a scarf with some of our handspun. Got the summer Interweave Knits, which has the toe-up sock tutorial in it (surely, if I combine that with Yarmando’s tutes, I can figure this out), and also has the cool spiral sock pattern in it that Katie guided me to.

We didn’t mean to, but we wound up in Old Navy at some point and I got a bunch of clothes. 3 out of 4 times that I go into Old Navy, I hate everything there, but they were just getting in some of their fall stuff and I was weak. I always kind of feel a little dirty shopping there, since I suspect everything is made by horribly underpaid workers in a third world country. Activating liberal guilt powers…now!

Then we stopped by Whole Foods and hung out with Terry for a little bit. She was telling us that some woman peed on Whole Foods (like, on the outside of the building) the other day! WTF? Who does that? And then she went inside (where there are very nice public restrooms) and went shopping! I have no idea if it’s his fault, but I’m blaming Dick Cheney. Anyway, we got some stuff, and Terry hooked us up with some free flowers before we left.


So now we have fresh flowers in our dining room, which is happy.

We also got Ellie her own little catnip plant, and when we let her play with it, she just rubbed her head all over it for a while and then was really stoned.


So that’s what’s new with me. It’s really really hot here, but I want to try and get some of this business stuff dyed up tomorrow in the kettle, if possible. The first bit of my uber-order of fiber is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I’m all about making room for the fiber explosion.

Oh, I did actually weave yesterday! And I’ll probably do some more this evening, too. I don’t think I’m too far away from finishing that thing I’m working on. I’ve got two potential weaving projects lined up, and I think I’ll probably weave the smaller one (scarf) first.

In case this post shows up with no pictures, just check back later, I think Flickr is having issues right now. 😛


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  1. i know these people in toledo that have central air and a spare bedroom and four yarn shops within a 20 minute driving radius… hmmmmm…

    the socks rock, you will love the toe up spiral socks (karen’s doing rainbow trout and they are positively gorgeous!), yay for motivation and those saucy socks and a little consumerism now and then, and fresh flowers on the table and ellie being high and travis getting home safe and mail from cider moon on my back porch when i got home at 10 pm, tonight. 😀


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