Rain and other things


We finally got some rain, after about a week of being taunted with it. I don’t think it’s really going to cool things off around here, unfortunately, the high temps for the next week are all in the upper 80s. It just kind of sucks not being able to have the dogs out a lot – too hot.

Combed up some roving balls yesterday and spun them all on my new big honking Louet bulky bobbin.



That’s 7 ounces of yarn on that one bobbin. Next time I want to do an uber skein, I’ll probably comb up about 9 ounces worth of balls.


I haven’t blocked it yet, obviously. I was going to get to that today, but it was too hot in the garage to do any more dyeing after noon. I was glad to finish up the last color I needed to dye for the Loopy Ewe order; next is the skeining extravaganza. 😛 At least I can do that in the air conditioning, though. As far as personal stuff goes, I’ve got about a pound of silk noils from Ashland Bay soaking right now, and I want to try and get some of those dyed tomorrow, along with maybe some more nylon and sparkle fiber. I love dyeing those since they don’t need to be presoaked prior to dyeing – I like to have some on hand for when I screw up mixing dye – I can just pour the dye I mixed on accident over the sparkle or nylon, and that way I don’t have to waste anything.

Speaking of silk noils, I thought they were kind of funky and weird, but with this last skein of yarn I spun, I found I really kind of liked them. And actually, I like them better the heavier they’re applied to the fiber – when they’re spun, they kind of get trapped in the other fibers and look like big puffy clouds. Yay for texturey goodness!

Terry‘s started an Etsy shop, which is really cool. Travis and/or myself are thinking of doing one (or two – separate ones, or just one for the both of us – have we decided that yet?). I really like making the roving balls, so that’s probably what I would want to focus on. Anyway, we’ve got to get some bank issues settled, and then we’ll probably start working on one.

I started knitting a pair of mittens out of this handspun:


But I didn’t like the way they were turning out, so now I’m just making a seed stitch scarf instead. When in doubt, knit a seed stitch scarf. That’s what I always say. Can’t go wrong with the old seed stitch. Anyway, the yarn is really soft and fun to knit, because weird bits of mohair and silk and angora keep popping up and I’m all “Oooh! Soft! Shiny!” I’m so ADD it’s amazing I can make myself knit with stuff that’s not funky handspun, actually.

An organic hair care salon opened up recently in Mount Vernon, and I think I’m going to give it a go next week. Travis went there a few weeks ago and said it wasn’t scary. I asked him if there were a bunch of hippies eating granola there and he said no, so that’s a little disappointing. I was going to go and get an organic hair cut and maybe some organic highlights if I’m feeling frisky. Apparently, the organic color is ammonia-free, which is nice, because ammonia is a little scary. I guess I’ll have to bring my own granola, though.

eta – Oh, oh!  I finally finished up those damn Saucy socks!  Yay for being free of one Albatross!  I like the finished socks quite a bit, actually, I’m just glad I don’t have to look at them all the time anymore.


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  1. Yay for rain and the strange-colored skies that seem to be accompanying it in Columbus! Much inspiration for yarn colors, I’d say…

    PS If you need any enabling about the Etsy shop, just let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige!!


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