Hey! I made a bracelet!


beaded bracelet1

I own an obscene number of beads for someone who rarely crafts with them. It’s really pretty ridiculous. However, especially when we’re on vacation and we wander into a bead shop, I must purchase. I have zero willpower whatsoever. So, I figured maybe I finally ought to start making something with them.

The thing is, I rarely wear jewelry. Not because I don’t like it, it just seems like I have this extremely low maintenance lifestyle that precludes me from getting any really nice clothes or shiny things. I have to really make a mental effort to think, “Okay, today I’m going to wear a bracelet.” There’s some type of girly gene that never really got activated in me.

Anyway, today I finally made something, so that’s pretty nifty. All of the wire stuff and tools I’m using is Travis’, and I’m kind of afraid of screwing something up, since I really don’t have any clue what I’m doing. But I think altogether, the bracelet came out okay. One of the ends is a little sketchy, but I’m a little sketchy, so that works out.

The yellowish beads used in this, by the way, are yellow turquoise, which I had never heard of before I saw these beads. Yellow turquoise! Who would have thought?

Also got sock 1 of the Spiral Boot Socks completed last night:


It seems like it fits okay. I didn’t really walk around in it, so I’m not sure if it’s going to slide down my leg yet, but I need to get some elastic anyway so I can fix another pair of tall socks I made last year. I’ll start on sock 2 sometime later today.

Thanks for letting me know how the handspun yarn stuff on Ravelry works! I’ve started plugging in my handspun. At some point I need to inventory my knitting needles, too.


3 thoughts on “Hey! I made a bracelet!”

  1. i haven’t even started to touch the needle stuff in ravelry. at any given point, i either know where my needles of a certain size and type are, or i buy more. hehehe

    i freakin’ love the boot sock. those are so going in the queue. i’m cranking out candy corn hats to be sure my pattern is correct, but then i bet you’ll want to have/make one! hee hee!


  2. Very pretty boot sock! That one’s been on my imaginary list for a while. I’ve just begun to see the yellow turquoise in places–maybe in the last year or so. It surprised me too! The bracelet came out cool. Congrats on the ravelry thingie too…it does tend to suck more time out of the day because there’s so much to see and do. It’s like an online yarn amusement park.


  3. Very cool! I’m totally with you on the missing girl gene thing. Although I did wear a bit of handspun as a bracelet the other day when I was sampling some fibers and found one of them too pretty to put away…


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