A day of flusterment and stress

So, two nights ago I woke up at about 2:00 am to something horribly wrong in our house. I’m not going to go into details besides saying that I’m pretty sure that Toby was utterly mortified. Poor dog. It seemed like she was coming down with another bout of giardia, which made no sense to me, since we haven’t had the dogs out for walks beyond our yard in the past month. Anyway, I got hardly any sleep, since I had to let Toby out a few more times and I was all stressed out. Not just because I thought Toby was really sick again, but because I had no way to get her to the vet, seeing as how Travis’ truck is in the shop and he had to take mine to work.

Long story short, with the assistance of the best Vet Tech Ever, Carmen (who pretty much is the reason we haven’t switched vets yet), we were able to arrange to pick up some of the panacur medicine that treats giardia this morning, before Travis had to go to work again. Which was really great, but it turns out that apparently Toby and Bela both just must have eaten something that didn’t agree with them, and now it seems like they’re both fine. So that’s a relief, and regardless, it’s nice to have the course of panacur ready to go in case Toby comes down with the giardia again. I’m especially concerned about when we go on vacation, because there’s not going to be any way that the dogs won’t go into streams and rivers while we’re camping. They love that stuff. So it’ll be nice to have the panacur to take on vacation with us in case there’s an emergency.

So, no sleep, no truck, scary dog poops, but it’s all good now. Well, the truck still isn’t fixed, but we’re supposed to be able to get it at the beginning of next week, so no worries.

No spinning, though, either, although I’m trucking right along on the second Boot Sock. I’m about halfway done with the leg. I’ve started watching the first season of Dexter, since I ran through all of the 4400 that we have. Man, where do they film Dexter? I know it takes place in Miami, but I’m wondering if they film there, too, because everyone in that show is really, really sweaty.

Anyway, I intend to comb out some more roving balls tonight, do at least some spinning tomorrow, and get some of the handspun yarn blocked that Travis and I have had ready for a few weeks now. There’s that one big Persian Carpet skein I did – the 7 ounce one – that I’d think I’d like to knit just into a simple scarf. I’m curious to see how it looks knit up.

I made this necklace, too.



I like it, although I’m kind of paranoid that the whole thing is going to fall apart on me at any time. It’s strung on some type of bead thread and not wire, and I’m not so confident in my knots at the ends to trust it will hold. I guess I’ll find out when I wear it. I really need to get a book about beading. We have a few jewelry making books, but they mostly focus on chainmail and wire, so that doesn’t really help with the basic stuff I want to know. I’ve also discovered that, while I have many, many beads, most of them are of one size (seed beads, I guess?), so I actually need more focus beads – things of different sizes and textures. So really, me making the jewelry is just going to encourage me to buy more beads. What a horrible, vicious cycle this is. Someone help me.

Ravelry is pretty cool, although I haven’t been on it much the past few days. I think I need to get a little more used to using the forums over there. I’m also getting the urge to design a new sock pattern. I need to get Cat Bordhi’s new book, since apparently it’s going to blow my mind. I’ve got that weird, trippy “Socks for Sandals and Clogs” book, but that’s more of a source of inspiration rather than a step-by-step instruction thing. I also want to try and do another pair of knee socks with some more of the Louet Gems I dyed earlier this summer. Probably just a real simple “ribbing on the top and stockinette for the rest of the way” kind of thing, more so to play with the yarn than make anything new and innovative. I got a ton of knitting and pattern-designing done last fall when we went on vacation, so I’m really looking forward to that again this year. Only 5 more weeks!


4 thoughts on “A day of flusterment and stress”

  1. You could check out the Intergem bead show if you are looking for bigger focal beads. http://www.intergem.com/event/detail.cfm?showID=89
    I go to the one in Cleveland every time they are in town. Super cheap beads and enough selection to blow your mind. The beaders companion is a great resource for how to do beady stuff. Interweave and fire mountain gems has some great tutorials on their websites too.

    I’m glad your dogs are ok.


  2. Very pretty necklace.
    I got the socks in space book too, mainly because it uses a lot of fat yarn and big needles for socks. And it was pretty. I’m so drawn to pretty books. If there aren’t pictures in a cook book, I won’t buy it. Same deal for crafting books.
    I’ll be learning in the next weeks how to knit with a broken arm. I had an accident last night while attempting to dance around our s’mores fire. Won’t be doing that again. I should have known better–I’ve never been graceful with anything! Lckily it’s my dumb left arm not the smart one, as Geoffrey proclaimed. Apparently I can still type–though it’s pretty slow going.
    I hope the dogs continue to feel well. I’ve been through the same middle of the night thingy and it’s not fun.


  3. We went through that in the past with our Toby (the dog who had Rob when we met) as she was a goat-like eater of trash. Scary indeed. And she was always mortified. Glad to hear that things are better in that regard. Re Dexter–the show’s good, but try the books. CREEPY. Well, maybe you shouldn’t try them until after camping. Gorgeous beadery. My Sophie (10) has been reading many blogs over my shoulder since we went to see the Yarn Harlot together and rather than wanting to amp up her knitting she’s been bitten by the bead bug in a serious way. I blame you all. 🙂


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