This skein is dedicated to the fine folks at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Hey, I finally spun something! Unfortunately, my pictures completely suck, since I have no light and the flash on the camera made everything look weird. This is the best I’ve got:


And I think the yarn actually looks kind of gross there. But it’s so not! It’s uber-cool!

First of all, I spun up these roving balls I had combed a while ago:


Then, I did something bold and decided to ply with thread. Understand, I’m awful at plying with thread. The yarn always comes out weird and loose, and it just doesn’t look stable to me. So, I figured I would try plying with thread, and then boucle-ing the resulting two ply to lock the thread in place. And then, just because I’m nutty (and also because my dining room table is already covered in beads), I decided to try plying with beaded thread! Ooo! Fancy!

I got out some old Sulky holographic thread and just strung a bunch of random beads on it. And then – here’s the genius part – I put the spool of thread with the beads strung on it in a Tupperware bowl and set the thing on my lap while plying. This worked out great! This is probably what everyone else already does, but it never ocurred to me before, so it was like I took a huge mental leap this evening.

After plying, and then running it through the wheel again so it got really twisty, I plied it in the other direction with some black merino to add texture to the yarn and lock the threads and beads into place.

It came out awesome! 106 yards, 5 3/8 ounces. The skein reminds me of those deep space photos (hence, the title of this post), so I was going to call it Deep Space. Or Hubble. Something like that. Because the black ply trapped the holographic thread, it looks like a bunch of stars in the night. Hopefully I can get a decent photo tomorrow, but I’m not counting on it, since we’re supposed to get approximately 42 megatons of rain in the next few days.

Anyway, I’m all proud of myself for the whole plying with thread and beads thing. In case you couldn’t tell. 🙂 It’s just been driving me crazy to see all of the awesome thread/bead yarn on Fiber Friday and not being able to do stuff as cool as that with thread. And beads. And hey! Using up more beads! Can’t go wrong doing that.

All I have left to knit on the second boot sock is the toe, so I should be able to finish that up tonight. All sorts of exciting things are happening around here. In case you need a dose of mellow, here’s Ellie:



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  1. I like the new yarn. Ack! The lighting for photographing does suck right now. I’m building a yacht instead of an ark for all this rain. 🙂


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