Needs more cowbell.

Things are afoot!

1. Like the little fiber flunky that I am, I signed up for Shannon Okey’s Rhinebeck Bus Trip of Madness. It was a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but I figured that I didn’t have any other shot at going to it this year, so why not?

So, I joined the Ravelry Rhinebeck group this morning, and what do I discover but there’s someone there that sells ice wine! I love ice wine! Apparently, there’s a building full of local food and craft vendors, so I’m going to have to check that out. I’ve never been to New York before, so I’m pretty excited that not only am I going to a huge fiber festival, but that I’m going to a new state. I’m such a geography geek.

I’m going to try to stay focused on looking for weird fibers from small producers that I can’t otherwise obtain. I’m not interested at all in buying fleeces (too much work) or really, buying much yarn. I won’t rule that out, because if there’s something fabulous that I just have to have, I’ll probably get it, but I’m into using up the yarn I have and spinning my own yarn to knit (and using Travis’ yarn to knit as well). I do know that I have no interest in spending my day at Rhinebeck waiting in lines. After seeing the photos people posted from the Maryland show that showed miles of people waiting in line for Socks That Rock, I have to think that those people are insane. I don’t care if I see yarn or fiber made out of gold, I’m not going to spend more than 15 minutes tops waiting in a line. I have no patience at all with that.

2. I made some more jewelry things. Travis and I went down to the local bead shop and I found the best things ever – tiny cowbells!



After I made the second thing, which I like but I wouldn’t actually wear it (too big, looks too much like an 8), I decided that I’m going to try to bling out my Louet wheel with some wire jewelry stuff just for it. I’m sick of spinning on a blingless wheel.

3. Randomly, I decided that I really, really, really wanted to try making beads with Fimo. So, we made a spontaneous road trip down to Polaris to go to JoAnn’s. I got some Fimo clay and a really cheap (both in price and in quality!) pasta machine. Yesterday, I made these beads:


You know, there’s a lot of really cool things you can do with Fimo. Unfortunately, so far I pretty much suck at doing any of those things. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of skill or talent to make beads that are kind of cool anyway, so that’s what I did. I’ll probably try painting or glossing some of these.

One of the reasons I wanted to try out the Fimo was that you can mix a bunch of different stuff into the clay, like metallic foil sheets and glitter and stuff like that. Another thing you can use is Pearl-Ex Metallic Pigments, which I happen to have in 6 different colors. So I may try mixing some of that into the clay later on. I would have tried it already, but the powder is so fine that you have to wear a dust mask, so I need to do it out in the garage, lest I cover my entire life with metallic dust.

Fimo comes in translucent clay, which is really cool. I thought I had bought a big brick of that, but I grabbed the metallic white instead, which is nowhere near as fun as I imagine the translucent clay would be. So I’d like to try and pick up a brick of that and maybe some of the foil sheets to play with. I don’t foresee me getting real into this, because, going back to the ‘I have no patience’ thing, I don’t think I’ll have the attention span to really get good at it. But, I really like some of the beads I’ve made, and it’s kind of a nice break from doing the yarny-fibery stuff.

4. Not that I’ve been taking a break from the yarny-fibery stuff. I’ve been working on a really basic (read = miles and miles of stockinette) knee sock pattern to use as a base for more adventurous future knee sock patterns I might develop. Here’s the first completed sock:


(Notice I’m rocking the hot pink toile Old Navy pajama bottoms. Mmm, sexy!)

Anyway, wonder of wonders, the sock seems like it’s actually going to stay up without the benefit of adding elastic! I used some of the Louet Gems I had dyed earlier this summer. The yarn looks like cherry pie to me.

So I need to knit another sock and then I can start working on writing a pattern for a fancier one. I’m thinking about trying to do some colorwork lunacy involving orange, lime green, and hot pink, even though when I told Travis about me possibly using those colors his brain started bleeding.

5. Even though I need to knit the other sock, instead, last night I started knitting a Sproingy scarf out of that 3-ply handspun I spun earlier this summer that I was kind of meh on, but everybody else liked. I think the diagonal pattern in the scarf looks pretty good with the gradual color changes in the yarn.



I’m going to try and get the scarf done today, because I’m crazy like that.


6 thoughts on “Needs more cowbell.”

  1. I have a bottle of Ice Wine in my fridge right now! I keep forgetting it’s their. I might have to rectify that situation this evening 😀 I love the knee sock. I have been trying to talk my sister into letting me knit her some, but she only likes anklets


  2. You gotta have more cowbell, baby (am I wrong in assuming a certain Blue Oyster Cult was on your mind for this title??).

    You are up to so many cool things! Your beads are cool, your knee socks are beautiful, and the scarf is going to be just amazing!


  3. I just want you to know that the two of you are rubbing off on me. You really are. Nick’s birthday is this week and you know what I got him? A basic beer brewing kit (And no, i have not ripped off any kegs!) and I’ve been spinning the extraordinary Jacki fiber. It’s amazing stuff, Miss Jacki. I’m pretty convinced that I love it so much I won’t make it through plying it. I’m pretty convinced that it will be knit into socks right off the bobbin, for a really beautiful self stripe affect and bias. I’m in love!


  4. *giggle* we’re both very happy. I bought it unsolicited – and a book. I’m sort of confused right now about whether or not I can do a second fermentation in the buckets that we have, but I haven’t read the book yet, either. So maybe I should read. I’m dreaming about a really good pale ale.

    Hey did you guys know that all of Threadless is on sale for $10 a pop? I just got the Insomnia Sheep shirt for me, and a Communist Party shirt for Nick. They didn’t have eskimo popsicle shirt in my size, or I would have gotten that too.


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