I apologize in advance for post-induced flashbacks

No blogging lately because my allergies are really bad and my head feels all sparkly, but Travis and I did manage to solve one of our Great Mysteries in Life, so I had to post about that. Every once in a while, we’ll be talking about music or videos or something, and one of us will say, “Do you remember that video from the 80s where the guy in the robe is walking around in the chair?” And we both remember, but neither of us could think of the song.

Wonder no more! We finally have it figured out. Depeche Mode, Enjoy the Silence:

Of course, with YouTube, one thing leads to another, so then I had to watch this:

I’ve always really liked that song, by the way. Even though the video is really lame.However, the award for stunningly cheesy 80s videos must go to – and this can’t be a surprise to anyone – Men Without Hats.

What I did not realize until watching that was that the Safety Dance actually was a dance. It apparently involves spinning in circles and randomly throwing your arms in the air so they vaguely resemble the letter S. So, so horrible! In retrospect, watching the video, I kept thinking the only thing that could have been done to improve what was pretty close to perfection was if they found a way to have Patrick Swayze involved. As one of the YouTube commenters said, “This video alone makes life worth living.”


5 thoughts on “I apologize in advance for post-induced flashbacks”

  1. We have spent whole Satrurdays trying to get our son to watch the 80’s videos with us. He just rolls his eyes and mumbles something about us being crazy. My favorite one to ask people is if they remember the song where there was a hole in the roof and all his stuff is getting wet. I don’t know the name of that song, but I love it!


  2. Dude, I love Grandmaster Flash! “He ain’t no cop! He’s just stupid!” Although I kept waiting for them to break out into the Safety Dance.

    And my allergies hadn’t been bad the past few years (they actually improved when we moved to Ohio), but I’ve been absolutely knackered this year. Even taking Claritin hasn’t helped much.

    Amybabies, if you ever figure out the hole in the roof song, let me know – it doesn’t sound familiar to me, but I’d probably recognize it if I saw it. I watched a lot of MTV back in the day. I’m getting the urge to Wang Chung right now!


  3. I had to ask my husband, but it is Don’t dream it’s over by Crowded House

    It is one of my absolute favorites, but I can never remember the name or who sang it.


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