My whole family loves cheese

My brother, Brian, my sister-in-law Nikki, and my nephew Tyler came for a visit yesterday. That was pretty cool, since they hadn’t ever seen where Travis and I lived or anything.

Anyway, when you’re a member of my family, and you’ve never really been to central Ohio before, there’s one place that’s a must-visit. And that place is:


Heini’s Cheese Chalet! Heini’s offers over 50 different kinds of cheese, and has samples availables of most of the different flavors. Brian was overcome, and seemed almost dazed at times from the cheese bounty that awaited him.


We came home with our fair share, too.

We also went to Lehman’s, where Tyler discovered the wonder and mysteries of composting toilets:


Tyler’s pretty awesome. He’s all into garbage trucks and recycling and mice, so we all were telling him stories about garbagemen mice who like to recycle. He also wants me to make him some socks, so I’m going to have to get working on that. I’ve never made kid-sized socks before, so hopefully it goes okay.

Anyway, it was really nice spending the day with them, and I only hope they got a chance to behold the majesty that is America’s Best Bathroom at one of their next stops, Jungle Jim’s.

eta – Hey, Katie tagged me for the6 weird things meme, so stay tuned for that! I’m pretty weird! 🙂

eta 2 – Doctor Who marathon on BBC America tonight!  (Saturday, September 1).  It’s the Christopher Eccleston ones!  Woo hoo!


2 thoughts on “My whole family loves cheese”

  1. That’s so fun! I love Lehman’s Hardware. It is a great place to take people. Were you around during their Y2K boom? They made a mint off people worried about the end of the computerized world…

    PS When we finally get to meet I’ll bring you some of the best cheese you’ve ever tasted–made in Amish country by my parents (who aren’t Amish, by the way)!


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