Socks! Beads! Weird Things! Now with added T-shirts!

I finished the Cherry Pie Knee Socks!


I love them so. I could go on and on about my love for these socks. I won’t, though. Anyway, now that I have these under my belt (if I owned a belt -why don’t I own a belt?), I want to try and modify the pattern for a fancier sock. My concern is if I’m going to need to cast on more or less stitches for a more complicated stitch pattern (or colorwork) compared to how many I was working with in stockinette. I guess I’ll just have to try stuff and see how it goes.

I also got done with another pair of socks for Travis, out of yarn that he had dyed. And right when I was about to type this, a little pingback came in the mail and lo and behold, he had already posted the pictures on his own blog! Picture-swiper. 😛 Anyway, they look like this:


Next up for Travis is to make him a pair of socks out of skinnier yarn that he can use when wearing boots. They’ll be a bit longer than these, but not quite knee sock or kilt hose length. Want some kilt hose, Travis? Of course, then I’d have to get him a kilt. Doesn’t seem fair if the husband gets a kilt when I don’t even own a belt. Anyway, the boot sock experiment is going to take some figuring out on my part, too.

I did a little bit more with the beads, as well. More pictures on Flickr, of course.


That was taken while I was coating the beads with a finish to make them all happy and shiny.

Anyway, here’s the 6 Weird Things meme, as prompted by Katie.

1. This was brought up with Sulafaye’s comment on the last post. I was one of the crazy Y2K people! Travis and I stockpiled food and ammo just like the rest of the nuts. Best memory – walking out of Sam’s Club with a bunch of clearly Y2K-oriented purchases and passing a guy in the parking lot who looked at us and asked, “Y2K?” We replied, “Yeah,” and he just kind of gave us a nod and went on his way, like we were part of this special survivalist club. 🙂 One thing they don’t tell you about Y2K, but we know since Travis was in the National Guard at the time, was that they had National Guard troops activated and ready to roll that night. So at least we know the governor of Indiana was as freaked out as we were (remember when governors used to be in charge of their state’s National Guard units?).

One really good thing about the whole Y2K fiasco was that it spurred me to get into gardening, which was something I did a lot of during the next few years. Of course, since it was going to be the end of the world, I had read up a lot on growing my own food and had ordered seeds (survival seeds!). And even though the world didn’t end, that didn’t mean I wasn’t left with a whole bunch of seeds. So we started a garden, and to this day I’m not sure what it was that made our tomatoes grow so well, whether it was placement of the garden or just beginners luck, but we grew the best tomatoes ever, as well as lots of other fun veggies.

And yes, honestly, we were kind of disappointed that the collapse of the civilized world didn’t happen. Because dammit, we would have been good at being the survivalist loonies! The whole Y2K thing was kind of a fun pastime to occupy that fall and early winter, and when nothing happened, we just kind of shrugged and went back to playing Icewind Dale or whatever computer game we happened to be into at the time.

2. Like Sarah Lou, I didn’t get my driver’s license till I was around 20. My driver’s ed teacher freaked me out, and since I didn’t pass the driving portion of my exam when I was 16, I just kind of put it off and put it off. To this day I’m still kind of edgy about driving, especially when it’s somewhere I haven’t been before. I’ve never gotten a ticket or anything, though.

3. From 1995 through early 2002, I didn’t have a television. Or rather, I had a television, but it wasn’t connected to cable or anything so I couldn’t see any channels. Plus, the screen on it was green and weird. And the only reason I owned that TV in the first place was because one of my bosses at work, Abdallah Abdallah (the man so nice they named him twice!), thought it was so weird that I didn’t have a TV, so he gave me his old one.

The only reason we wound up buying a decent (although nothing fancy) TV and getting cable was because of 9-11. That happened about 6 weeks after we moved to Ohio, and we didn’t know anyone here yet. All we had was the internet and the radio, and when the towers fell, I couldn’t understand what had happened. I was on the phone with my mom, and from what I understood on the radio, part of the building had collapsed, but certainly not the entire thing. My mom had to tell me, “No, nothing’s left.” Anyway, it took us about 4 or 5 months after that, but we finally got a TV. And then I had to catch up on pop culture by ODing on Survivor and Big Brother for the next 2 years. Which was kind of why I didn’t want to have a TV in the first place, because I knew if we had one I would just watch crap all of the time. Fortunately, now at least, we have The Office.

4. Until I actually learned how to knit, I swore up and down that I never wanted to learn how to knit. 🙂

5. When Travis and I were doing a lot of rock climbing, I always preferred indoor climbing at a gym to actually, you know, climbing on a real rock. I think this is because the climbing holds come in a bunch of different colors and are fun to look at. And hey – no bugs! Seriously, I was the worst rock climbing partner ever. 🙂

6. My brain does this weird thing where if I see someone I know in a place I don’t expect to see them, I can’t recognize them (at least not until they come up and start talking). It’s weird and kind of embarrassing, but what can you do? But this can even occur with people I know really well, like friends and family members. Awkward.

So, there you go. Weird things. I have more! Anyone else that feels like sharing can consider themselves tagged. 🙂

eta – Curse you, Threadless! The $10 sale continues through today, and they just added more new shirts! It’s a pretty good batch this week, and surprisingly, there are a few designs that I scored a 5 that actually managed to get printed:

Ascending Descent, which I told Threadless I would buy:

Ascending Descent - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

We’re Not Savages, which is the best literary T-shirt ever (well, that I’ve seen in the past few months, anyway):

We're Not Savages - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

And After Show, which I just thought was kind of funny:

After Show - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Bonus mention for A Collection of Flies, which I scored a 4, simply because it mentions Marty McFly and Superfly in the same shirt:

A Collection Of Flies - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

So, I not only have to resist Katie’s Threadless taunting, but also the new shirts, too. Eep!


8 thoughts on “Socks! Beads! Weird Things! Now with added T-shirts!”

  1. hee hee! let’s hear it for not getting our licenses ’til we were good and ready, dammit! i, though, cannot share the no ticket claim… i have to laugh at your y2k fear, a little. i was more annoyed than scared, ’cause i work in computers and there were all kinds of changes we needed to make to our forms and programming to accommodate the century roll over… 😛 heh.


  2. p.s. i heart your knee socks. i’m so feeling like cranking out some knee socks, but i need to finish at least one of the 7 other projects i have going on, not to mention the baby candy corn hat i need to have done by tomorrow’s knit night… hehehe


  3. Love the socks! I totaly get the not wanting to knit until you started to knit thing. I was so very against knitting until I actually started doing it. I didn’t stock up for Y2K, but I sat up all night with a base ball bat just in case.


  4. bwahahaha! Hey – love the shirts. I can’t wait for ours to arrive. I was very nice and ordered Nick one as well. It will be an after birthday present!

    Add me to the list of those who love the socks – they’re gorgeous! I really like how the yarn knits up. They totally rock. And they’ll be super handy when it’s a million degrees below zero this winter. I like to be warm and I’m always cold in the winter.

    Hey speaking of winter….or not….because what’s coming next is totally unrelated…. We brewed our first batch of beer. It’s down there fermenting now. I think we did ok, because we didn’t run into anything that made us think we needed to call Travis, but of course, if it totally sucks, then I think we’ll call. *snicker* I chose a beer kit which shipped with the brew equipment, and I chose it because it sounded good. Now that I’m reading the New Complete Joy of Hombrewing, I think I should have chosen something else because it requires double fermenting…or whatever technical term that is supposed to be…and the New Joy says that’s not easy. Ahem, I guess we’ll see!

    Is it illegal to mail beer out of the state in which you live?


  5. Yarn Love,

    A couple of things on the beer tip. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing is a little obsolete. I love Charlie and he is the father of homebrew, but his books aren’t always the best. What kind of beer is it that your worried about doing a secondary on? Most ales really don’t need it. You are usually just using it to further clarify the beer. For a first beer I wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s a really unusual beer.

    Shipping homebrew is in a gray area law wise. Don’t ship it USPS as that is a felony. Shipping UPS of Fedex is what I usually do. They don’t like it so I just don’t tell them what it is aka lie about it. Wrap the bottles in trash bags first in case one breaks at least it won’t leak everywhere. Then pack them really really well.


  6. Ahhh I love your Cherry Pie socks. Love the color and the fact that they are knee socks. Very cool! So is it your own pattern? (I just had to ask!) Oh and I recognize those sock blockers! hehehe Those are among some of my favs that i’ve made. ~ Becky


  7. Hey, Becky! I love those sock blockers, too! They’re my favorites! 🙂 As for the knee socks, I came up with the pattern, but I’m sure it’s not terribly different from a lot of other basic knee sock patterns out there. I need to tweak it a bit since the socks turned out a tiny bit loose around the ankles, but that’s not a big deal. I’m working on doing something with colorwork and knee socks right now, but I haven’t actually gotten to the knitting stage yet, I’m more just in the mulling it over stage.


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