Cat + Camper = Chaos!

Well, it wasn’t complete chaos. Actually, it went pretty well. Backing up a bit, Travis and I got the camper out and set up today to start getting it prepped for when we go on vacation. There was a small amount of water from where we’ve had some leakage problems. I suspect that one area of the camper never really dried out all the way before we folded it up last year. Luckily, it looked like the water was just kind of trapped where it was all this past year, and doesn’t seem to have caused any mold or anything. We keep the camper all snug beneath a tarp when it’s not in use, so it actually stayed in pretty good condition this year.

The poor camper needs some help, though. We’re talking about maybe having the whole top bit replaced (because of the leaking problem I mentioned earlier), and some of the wiring on the inside has gone a bit wonky. The overhead lights don’t work. But still, leaky bits and all, it’s fantastic being able to camp in a camper. We used to go tent camping, Travis and I, which was fine. We had a little 2 person tent, and that was okay for just the two of us. But then Toby and Bela came along, and even the 4 person tent my parents handed down to us seemed a bit crowded.

The camper came from my parents. We bought it from them at an amazing price, plus they had it stocked with a just about everything one could need to go camping. People, this camper came stocked with a toaster oven, crock pot, and popcorn maker (amongst a lot of other great things)! I love using it. Even though we’ve had it for about 4 years now (I think?), I still can’t get over the complete luxury it is compared to tent camping. There’s a table in there! Where we can sit and watch stuff on Travis’ laptop (we watched seasons 1 and 2 of the new Doctor Who series last year on vacation). We can hang out at night and knit or do chainmail stuff or whatever. The dogs jump up on the bed and chill out and look out the windows. It’s just a happy place.

We don’t really have any intentions of taking Ellie camping, however, since we had the camper set up, we thought it might be fun to see what she’s do in it. She’s 100% an indoor cat, so this was entirely new for her.

Here she is checking out the wall situation:


Here she looks completely overwhelmed:


And finally, she calms down enough to sit and look out the window:


And then we let the dogs in. 🙂 She spazzed out again, but everyone seemed to settle down after a few minutes. Of course, Toby just wanted her belly rubbed:


More pictures on Flickr, as always. Animals are funny.

I knit a pair of small socks for Tyler, and shipped them off today to him.


I want to know what I need to change on them before I start knitting the flotilla of boy-sized socks for him and Gabe (our other nephew, who is only a month older than Tyler, and should therefore have compatible feet). So hopefully Tyler will give me some good feedback.

I’m also working on a colorwork hat thingy. I just got done knitting up the big motif, and see that I’m going to have to tweak it some before it becomes a pattern to make it stand out more. Still, it looks nice enough for a first go. Let’s hope it actually fits.


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