Just so Tyler can rest easy…

When Tyler was here visiting last Friday, he kept saying that I didn’t look like Aunt Jacki because my hair was too long.  So I got a haircut today.  Whee!!  No pictures, because it’s too dark (the lighting, not my hair), but maybe pictures in the next few days.

Travis did some spinning tonight – again, no pictures, sucky lighting – but he made a really soft and pretty yarn.  I’ll have to figure out something spiffy to do with it.

We went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s tonight, and they served cut strawberries with the meals we ordered.  I wound up eating more of the strawberries than the actual meal.  I thought that was pretty neat to serve as a side instead of a typical potato-based side dish or standard green veggie.  Not that I want anyone to think I’m dissing potatoes.  I love potatoes.  More than a grown woman should, probably.

Hey!  I met Sulafaye!  It was the weirdest thing – Travis and I happened to be in Granville on Thursday morning, and we almost never happen to be in Granville, and the next thing we know, the woman who is being escorted by two giant, beautiful Great Danes is all, “Jacki?”  And what do you know, it was Sulafaye, who almost never happens to be in Granville either.  Anyway, we got to talk to her and her friend for a while, and Travis got to pretend he owned Great Danes for a few minutes.  I’ll have to try and upload the slightly spookyish camera phone pictures that Travis took.  It’s always really cool to meet a bloggy person in person, and Travis and I were all, “Hey, how weird is it that we met Sulafaye?” for the rest of the day.  🙂

My mom’s coming into town next week!  Yay!  We have all sorts of fun stuff planned that we’re going to do (a lot of it is probably going to be food-related, because that’s how we roll).  I’m really looking forward to that.  Maybe we can play Scrabble.  All of a sudden I have a hankering to play Scrabble.  Mmmm, randomness…


5 thoughts on “Just so Tyler can rest easy…”

  1. Wow – you can play Scrabble? You have my unmitigated admiration. I wish I could play Scrabble, but I totally suck at it, and it’s a huge thing with Nick’s family. They’re Scrabble maniacs!

    I want to see pictures of your beautiful new hair! I do! I do! 🙂


  2. I must have just missed you in town. I was enjoying a cup of coffee in my off time (both boys in school/preschool) and Kim (Needling Yarn) stopped by to show me how to knit with the yarn tensioned around my neck. I’ve yet to try it at home. I even saw the doggies I think but didn’t see you guys.
    Andrew’s family cheats at Scrabble, which is one reason I usually refuse to play with them. Also, his grandfather was the garden editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer for more years than I’ve been alive and used to read the dictionary for fun. I’ve only just begun playing again recently having made rules about cheating. Like there’ll be none. No tile trading or making up words and acronyms. No proper names.
    I hope things are OK! The message on the CM blog seems ominous in a foggy old classic Frankenstein movie kind of way. I hope the fog clears soon. -Tricia


  3. It was SO cool! DH only failed to be impressed after about the tenth time I told him the story.

    Have fun with your mom and Scrabble (triple word score, triple word score, triple word score…)


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