The radio gods love me!

I had to drive to Columbus today, and all of the best music was playing on the radio. Ever have days like that? It kind of feels like you’ve won the lottery. I’ll throw in some YouTubey goodness below the fold for anyone who wants to share the love.I am so excited for this weekend! Not only is my mom coming to visit, but we’re going to be going to the Wool Gather in Yellow Springs on Saturday. Roll call for anyone who’s going! Travis and I are hoping to run into a lot of people there. And everyone can meet my mom, who is a hoot. A hoot and a half, even. She’s very friendly, and loves to talk.
I knit this over the last few nights:


It’s a little sock from the new Cat Bordhi book. Did I mention that I bought that? I got it at the Needling Yarn in Granville, right before I ran into Sulafaye and her posse. Last copy left! Woo hoo! The book is absolutely fascinating. Like Yarmando, I find some of the shapes of the socks odd, but I’m looking forward to knitting a sock I can fit into to see how it sits. The directions and helpful hints seem really clear – I had one point where I was absolutely befuddled as to what was going on, but it just took me a few minutes of concentrating to get it together. I’m going to try the second pattern in the book, a small toe-up (! Yes! Me! Trying toe-up!) sock, next. So far my only issues with the book are that the DPN instructions all seem like they’re knit using 4 DPNs and a 5th as the working needle, which I happen to find really fiddly – with the above sock, I managed to knit it with just 4 DPNs for most of it – and that some of the descriptions tend to be on the poetic side. Whimsical, some might say. Lyrical. Not that that is a bad thing, but I’m flipping through the book, looking at all of the directions, and then I see the little note that says the pattern was inspired by images of umbilical cords, and it just kind of stops me for a moment. Like, what? And also, ew. But the book is completely groundbreaking, and I can’t wait to knit more from it.

In other news, Travis and I got our Ring Lord order in the mail! I’m glad it came before we went on vacation, so we’ll have some fun things to play with in the camper at night.


These are some enameled copper rings (I think). Isn’t the green gorgeous? We also got some sterling silver and niobium rings, too. Oh, and a bag of floor sweepings (don’t ask) and 2 pounds of “Assorted uncut coils” that look like they’re going to be kind of fun.


I mean, come on! You can’t go wrong with uncut coils! Especially if they’re assorted! 🙂

I’ve got a load of laundry and dishes to do, so that’s it for now. Hop below the fold for Ben Folds, Cheap Trick (and I like Cheap Trick, no one give me any shit!) and Beastie Boys. It was a good radio day.

Hi! You Tube awaits!

I love YouTube.


4 thoughts on “The radio gods love me!”

  1. oooh! The Ring Lord is so awesome. When I lived in Saskatoon, I had a chance to go out and meet everyone there 😀 aren’t they wonderfully nice people?? The machines that cut the rings are so fascinating to just sit there and watch.

    Also, I just had a surprise visit from my mom so I totally agree with you that you’re having an awesome day 😀


  2. I never even imagined that the Ring Lord was a place that one could visit – I guess I kind of just thought it was like a mystical workshop cloaked in secrecy. 🙂 I actually placed our first chainmail order from them on accident. Travis expressed an interest in doing chainmail and had been looking at some places online to order them. I decided to get him some for Christmas, and thought the Ring Lord was the site he had been on. It hadn’t been, which I didn’t realize until I saw that the package was going to ship from Canada, but no matter, we’ve been so happy with them that they’re our go to ring and wire source.

    We got glow in the dark rings from them this order, too! I’ll have to try to get pictures on them glowing tomorrow.


  3. I’m glad you’ve seen success with your first pathways sock! Its cute! Make 4 and put them on Ellie.
    When we have craft day I want to learn the chain mail stuff you do with those rings. They are soooo pretty. I want to play with the glow in the dark ones! They entice the inner raver in me. I’m going to go look at the ring lord website right now!

    I can’t wait to see you guys on Saturday! Terry and I are coming. Oh and there’s a ravelry meet up at 2!


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