All this and a box of cookies, too.

Hey, my aunt Dorie just sent me a box of Spontaneous Happy Cookies!


They’re from a place called Dancing Deer Bakery. I’m always happy to receive unannounced yum food at my house, but you should have seen Travis. The boy had a look of joy on his face you couldn’t believe.

Speaking of good food, here’s some of the eggy breakfast goodness we had for dinner last night:


Oh my god, was this good. We’ve been eating like crap lately – no motivation to actually make food, so we’ve been getting a lot of meals out, but none of those are particularly good either (besides the salad bar and strawberries from Ruby Tuesday’s. That was pretty good). Sometimes it takes just making one good meal to get us back into eating well.

We’ve got a little bit more cleaning to do this evening to get ready for my mom’s arrival tomorrow. After we’re done tidying up, I think we’re going to get out some of the new chainmail stuff and play with it. I can’t wait to do something with the awesome green rings.

I was having fun with photography yesterday, and managed to pull off taking a long shutter exposure shot of the glow in the dark chainmail rings. We’ve got a little bendy tripod thing, but the lens of the Nikon is so heavy, it wants to tip over. I weighted down the back bendy legs of the tripod and put the little bowl of rings in the bathroom sink (this is the one time I’ve really liked having a bathroom with no windows – it’s like a tiny darkroom) and got this picture:


I was all proud. 🙂 I have pretty shaky hands most of the time (I would be the world’s worst surgeon), and I need to get used to using the tripod more.

Also have been knitting more from the new Cat Bordhi book. I made a tiny Coriolis sock, but I really didn’t like the way it turned out. I think the problem with the Coriolis architecture is that it doesn’t translate well into a small sock – the sock just looks twisty and weird. Nevertheless, yesterday I cast on and today I completed my first person sized sock from the book, again using the Coriolis architecture. It’s the Tibetan Sock:


I was really skeptical that this was going to fit. I was knitting on size 4 needles, and at one point, I think I had like 70+ stitches, which is nutty. But I have to hand it to Cat – the fit is pretty much perfect. I think I prefer a slightly more snug sock, but if I had knit in any sort of pattern except for stockinette, that would have tightened up the sock. I love the fat swirl across the foot, and am already thinking of customizing the pattern and creating my own.

There’s definitely a lot of genius contained in New Pathways – all of the formulas for figuring out sock measurements and everything completely blows my mind. My biggest beef with the book is getting to the point where you have to turn the heel – there’s a lot of rearranging of stitches, adding markers, doing math – it gets really confusing. And it doesn’t seem to help that, although there are a lot of diagrams in the book showing how many stitches you’re supposed to have and what goes where, the stitches on my sock always seem to wind up to be a mirror image of what is in the book. I don’t know if I’m just knitting weird, or what’s going on, but no matter how I look at the sock on my DPNs, it doesn’t seem to match up with what the book shows.

That’s all right, though. Now that I’ve realized that I’m just going to be backwards, I can live with it. The important thing is knowing how many stitches go where, and I can use the numbers in the diagrams to figure out what needs to happen. I just really have to concentrate to do it. Right now, the New Pathways socks are not looking like they’re going to be car knitting, at least, not until one gets past the heel. Oh yeah, did I mention that the Coriolis socks are knit toe up? That’s right, I’m a toe-up sock virgin no more! Woo hoo! High five, Sulafaye! 🙂

I knit the Tibetan sock out of yarn I dyed last June, but never really liked. The colors were a lot more dull than what I was wanting. I figured that made it a good candidate for knitting a sock that I didn’t think was going to fit. But except for the pooling in the instep (I kind of hate pooling), I think the sock looks pretty decent. I love the weird cuff on it. Travis thinks it’s odd, but I’m thinking of maybe making a hat using blocks of knit rounds, purl rounds, and seedy-stitch rounds. Now that would be good car knitting.

Before I start cleaning, here’s a pic I took yesterday of one of the two caterpillars we’ve found in our yard:


They’re going to grow up to be monarch butterflies. How cool is that?

eta – For a look at some more socks knit from the different Cat Bordhi techniques, check out Lizzie’s latest post.


8 thoughts on “All this and a box of cookies, too.”

  1. I’m so proud! Have a cookie to celebrate! 😉 Are you hooked yet? It is great to hear that the book is really good, and I do like that swirly across the top of the foot. It looks like a design element, but I assume it is for function as well?

    And your pics are amazing. Never before have I looked at pictures of eggs and thought, “Mmm, looks delicious!” (But then I also think the Tibetan sock sock yarn is beautiful too. I wish my “screw-ups” were as good as your screw-ups!).


  2. There’s no gusset to the sock – the swirly part acts as the gusset. You kf&b along one edge of the swirly thing, and that increases the width of the sock for the instep. It’s pretty cool. I’m going to start the companion sock tomorrow, and it has the swirly thing going the opposite way along the top of the sock.

    Yeah, now that I know how to do toe-up, I’m thinking about maybe knitting your swirl socks out of the merino and bamboo handspun I made out of Katie’s awesome YarnLove roving. I’ve got 300 yards of it, and it’s so beautiful I don’t want to waste an inch.


  3. I love those socks! I really like the colors, too. they look like Halloween to me. (Not garishly halloween, but if you wore those to a Halloween party everyone would think you were all that for having hand dyed, hand knit halloween socks.)

    You’ve passed me in the book. I stopped knitting out of it when I broke my toe. Mostly because I’ve been designing my own sock pattern to help support the YL line. I’m just past the 1/2 way mark on the second sock, but it’s a bit of a bitch. It’s entirely cables and lace (7 different stitch patterns are used in the sock) so it does not qualify as mindless knitting. I have to sit there and read the darned chart….but it’s pretty. Hopefully I’ll have time to catch up with you out of the Cat Borhi book. I have some pretty sport weight semi-solid downstairs that I’d like to see knit up.

    Damn, those cookies look good! I hope you enjoy them!


  4. The YL socks sound awesome. Can’t wait to see them. I wouldn’t worry too much about me passing you up in the Cat Bordhi book – I have to do something during all of my unanticipated free time. 😉


  5. Is that Glacier on 4’s? That could be my problem, as I was using something bigger (a 6?). The whole readjusting stitches thing is imbecilic, and completely unnecessary with Magic Loop.

    Magic Loop rocks. Try it. Embrace its sinuous ways.


  6. I’ve been debating buying the Bordi book. I wasn’t overly impressed by the first one, so I haven’t immediately jumped into buying the new one, but that sock is pretty awesome, so I think I’m going to have to splurge.


  7. Off topic…we drove up to Gambier today. I dropped the boys off at Kenyon with a bike and the trailer, and met them in Howard for a picnic lunch (kind of hard to ride my bike with only one arm working still). On the way home we drove through old town Mt Vernon and I noticed a “For Rent” sign at Craftman Hill Fibers. Are they closing or moving or what?


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