Undisclosed Location Blogging!

We’re on vacation!  Yay!  Our internet is spotty, since we’re camping, but I’m going to try and get this posted.  Hopefully our internets tubes won’t be all clogged up.  No pictures, though, since when I try to upload anything to Flickr the computer just kind of laughs at me.

We’ve seen a ton of turtles so far.  It’s been pretty awesome.  I’ve never seen so many turtles before.  I actually picked one up today, which I would normally never do, but it was in the middle of crossing a road, and apparently when you see a turtle in the road, you’re supposed to take it to whatever side of the road it was trying to get to and let it go, to lessen the chance of it getting hit by a car.   The turtle seemed kind of pissed I was messing with it (it waved its little orange arms at me), but hey – a day when you help a turtle not get squashed is a good day.

We’ve seen a bunch of other wildlife, too – deer, lizards, random birds, butterflies, goats, emus (or ostriches, I guess) – okay, so these weren’t all technically wildlife, but still pretty cool.

The weirdest thing happened today.  We stopped at some rec area in the National Forest to take a little hike, and there were these two skinny black Labs wandering around.  They weren’t wearing collars, and we’re not sure if they belonged to someone or were just random Forest dogs.  Anyway, Bela is normally pretty aggressive with other dogs, especially if they’re black like her.  But for some reason, she was perfectly happy to have these other two dogs hang out with her.  The spare dogs tagged along on our entire hike, and it was like we had our own personal dog posse, what with 4 dogs all running around having fun.  If we hadn’t already had two dogs of our own, we probably would have packed up those two dogs in the truck and took them back to Ohio with us.

I’ve been working on some knitting stuff, and Travis has made some awesome chainmail jewelry (including a necklace for me made with the glow in the dark rings!  Score!).  It’s been really nice even when we’re just hanging out at the campsite, not doing much of anything.  Toby’s been getting a chance to swim every day for the past 4 or 5 days, so that’s really nice for her.  She’s 9 years old now, and swimming is still about her favorite thing to do.

I’ve been playing a lot with the Nikon, including learning the joys of customizing shutter speed.  I’ve been taking a ton of photos every day.  A lot of them suck, but there are some really good ones here and there.  Which is why digital cameras rock so much – you can take a million photos and not waste any film.  Woo hoo!

Anyway, we’ve still got an entire week of vacation left to go.  I’m hoping to try and get a few photos uploaded on Tuesday, where we’ll be around civilization enough to do so.  The turtles are all uber cool, and so was the lizard.  So be on the look out for that!


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  1. I finally got to meet you two tonight – both of you are fine people and I could seriously hang with you.

    Thanks to both of you for the hospitality and the beer! Travis broke out beers I would never have had the opportunity to otherwise, plus some of his delicious blackberry wheat.

    Hope we can meet up on Tuesday,


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