5:00 am Rain Blogging

Quickie post, since apparently the internet kind of works at our campsite at 5:00 am.  Kind of.  Anyway, Travis and I went someplace extremely cool yesterday, and once I tell you guys where, you’ll all be very jealous and want to heist all of the goodies I got there.   But, I’m going to wait until I can get some pictures uploaded to divulge more info.  🙂

Also, we got to hang out with Travis’ beer bud, Codewritingfool and his step-son, Ian, a few nights ago (and a little bit with just CWF yesterday), which was a lot of fun.  Travis got to restock his beer supply, so that made him happy.

It’s raining here, but it’s actually really nice.  Travis got the tarp up over the camper so we don’t have to worry about any leaks. Yay for staying dry!

We went to a Trader Joe’s today and picked up some of the garlic herb pizza dough, some produce, and some ground beef, and we made the most awesome cheeseburger/calzone things ever on the cast iron griddle.  Seriously, I wanted to cry, it was so good.

I’ve been knitting, knitting, knitting.  I’ve got an ADD thing going on, so I’ve got 4 or 5 different projects all being worked on at once.  I started knitting up another pair of knee socks from the neon yellow/green/pink yarn I dyed earlier this summer.  I’m calling them my Dirty Hippie knee socks, since the yarn looks all tie-dyed and Grateful Dead-esque.

And finally, Travis and I are apparently now addicted to 99 cent tacos (you get two for 99 cents!) from Jack in the Box.  We don’t have Jack in the Box in Mount Vernon, so we’re pretty much constantly gravitating towards Jack in the Box when we need to grab some fast food.  There’s something very wrong about this, I’m sure, but 99 cent tacos!!  It’s a steal!


3 thoughts on “5:00 am Rain Blogging”

  1. Ooo, I’m so curious! It’s great to hear you are getting to relax a bit. What are the dogs doing in the rain, poor guys! I’ve never had Jack in the Box tacos, but I think I remember really good fries. That was a long time ago, though.


  2. wow. calzones so good you want to cry? are you sure you guys don’t just want to cook for me in two weeks instead of going out?? 😉 i hear that knitter’s mercantile has hours ’til 8 on tuesdays, but if that’s not close or easy from where i’m staying, that’s cool. i know where you stopped as the person you visited outed you, this morning! hee! and i AMAMAMAM so jealous. i’d be up for a road trip if you ever want to hop in the car and go back. 😉 so happy you guys are having a great vacation. you both deserve it so! *hugs*


  3. Aha, someone outed you on her own blog! I am totally jealous; can’t imagine when i’ll ever get there. Great stash enhancements too….


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