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We’re back! Yay!


We made the trip back from Missouri in two jumps, staying overnight at Travis’ mom’s house, so we wouldn’t extend our Hell Day of Driving any longer. It wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been really hot and the traffic (on a Saturday? What’s up with that?) not so heavy.

And yes, we got to visit Sheri at the Loopy Ewe! I’ve got pictures up at Flickr if you want to check them out. I’m planning on doing a big Loopy/yarn/knitting post tomorrow, so they’ll be here then. I actually knitted less than I thought I was going to on this vacation, but I still got some stuff done or started.

I’m going to put most of the pictures below the fold since there will be so many in this post, but as a teaser, here’s one of the spare dogs that went hiking with us last week (this one shows the timid dog):


So, when we weren’t grabbing Jack in the Box or Sonic, we ate pretty well at camp. We did a bit less cooking this vacation than others, but that’s mainly because it was pretty warm, and a lot of times, we didn’t feel like eating a whole ton. Honestly, one of my best meals was a little picnic lunch we had one afternoon consisting of turkey pepperonis, Vidalia onion cheese from Heini’s, and some Chex Mix I had made before we left. But here’s some of the food yum that we did manage to come up with.

Cheeseburger calzones of temptation +3:


Hash browns with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and cheese:


Sausage pizza:


And here are just some other random photos I took. I spent a lot of this vacation playing with the different manual settings the Nikon D40 has. I’m comfortable now flipping the camera into manual focus and changing shutter speeds. Once I work out my apeture issues, I’ll be set!

We saw a lot of turtles on this trip, which is really cool, since we have a fondness for them. Here’s one that was in the middle of the road we were driving on, so we stopped, I got out and took a few pictures, and then carried it across to the side it was trying to get to.


Hiking with the spare dogs in the National Forest was a lot of fun, too. I still can’t believe Bela was just fine with them tagging along.

The Great Butt Sniffing:


Travis loving on the Timid Spare Dog:


The spare dogs definitely looked like they were brothers, but they had two entirely separate personalities. There was the bold happy one, who was the first to come bounding up to us, and ran ahead of me and Travis to run with Toby and Bela, and then there was the timid happy one, who was a bit camera shy and seemed content to walk behind me for most of the hike, just wagging his tail. I hope they actually do belong to someone, and aren’t just strays, because they would make someone excellent pets. They were so nice and friendly. I wish we could have brought them home.

Our first stop in Missouri was Lake of the Ozarks State Park, which is outside of Osage Beach. We didn’t realize how touristy that whole area was. There were some cool things to see around there (like Ha Ha Tonka State Park), but we wound up leaving before the weekend, to avoid being around when the great influx of boat racers came. Here’s a shot I took outside of a gifty home store in Osage Beach:


Here’s Toby chasing after her floaty thing in the Meramec River:


These were blooming everywhere:


Unfortunately, so were these. Mushrooms creep me out:


Here’s the camper all pimped out:


Here’s a big-ass trout at Meramec Spring Park:


A cool rock:


One of our campfires:


I’ll have to do more dog pics later, since they had a lot of fun and were extra special cute on vacation.

Oh, one more thing – when we got back yesterday, Ellie was so happy to see us that she Mrrr-ed herself hoarse. I have never seen this cat so affectionate. After she lost her voice, she still kept making happy frog noises at us, and was making air biscuits everywhere.


5 thoughts on “Food and Photography”

  1. Oh, wow. It looks like soooo much fun. I’m a bit entranced by the picture of the fire (and Toby in the river. Well, these are all great pics!). Looking at your cute camper made me so wistful, in a good way. I’m sure re-entry will be a bit tough for you, but I’m sure glad to have you back too (Mmmmmmmmmmmr).


  2. i’m not sure why i wouldn’t have expected your camper to have been all bling-tastic and everything, but it made me smile. 🙂 yay you guys! so glad you had a nice break. i’m not even going to mention the food ’cause it’s too early to be this hungry from looking at them, see you in a week! 😀


  3. Timid Dog? Totally looks like Cash, if Cash went on a diet and suddenly stopped being all lopey and dopey. (I love my boy, but omg…he missed the Brain Train, and it shows.)

    And I’m sooo jealous of your trip and your yarn haul and all the hiking.

    So when are you coming over? 🙂


  4. You know, one thing I didn’t mention in the above post was that there was a moment on the trail when Bold dog found something interesting and was smelling it for a while. Timid dog thought that he might want a sniff too, so right as he went to go smell whatever the interesting smell was, Bold dog, who had gotten in position to add his particular smell to the mix, peed right on Timid dog’s head. And this happened right as I was taking a picture.

    Other people get lucky and are able to take pictures of lightning, or meteors, or things like that. Me? I get stuck with the photo of one dog peeing on another dog’s head.

    So Timid dog, even though I loved him – yeah, maybe not the brightest dog that’s out there. Very sweet, though, as those dogs tend to be.


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