The post of yarny goodness! And pierogis!

But before we get to the yarn, a brief plea on behalf of my ethnic and food heritage – I grew up in NW Indiana, about 30 minutes or so away from Chicago. There were a lot of crap things about living there, but the best things about being in that area were having a ton of family around and being able to eat really, really good food. A lot of people in that area (like my family) are of some sort of Eastern European descent, and I grew up eating some really tasty food. Like pierogis.

Whiting, Indiana is a town where my parents grew up and a lot of my family still live. It is known primarily for two things – the freakish amount of oil refineries that are there (it used to all be Amoco, now they’re owned by BP) and, also, being the site of of the yearly Pierogi Fest. It is a small town where everyone knows each other (and if they don’t know each other, they at least all know my Grandpa, since he knows everyone) and everyone eats pierogis.

Whiting is one of the finalists in this year’s Mrs. T’s Pierogy Pocket of America contest. The winning city gets a small amount of money and bragging rights. The other finalists are all either from New York or New Jersey, and although I won’t badmouth the competition, it’s pretty damn hard to imagine that their pierogi pride per capita would be higher than Whiting’s. So, if you have any interest in promoting Whiting’s Pierogi Pride, click here and vote for Whiting. It will be much appreciated.

Back to yarn! Like I mentioned, Travis and I got to go visit the Loopy Room in person! It was wonderful to see Sheri again, meet some of the Loopy Elves (who were seriously hard at work packaging mountains of orders for all of you yarn addicts out there), and, of course, fondle some yarn.


I totally had perma-grin the whole time I was there. It’s so nice to see a lot of the yarn I’ve coveted in person and be able to, as one might say, squeeze the Charmin. Here I am, squeezing away:


Here’s what wound up following me home.


From left to right, there are two skeins of Claudia’s Hand Painted yarns in Peppermint Mocha – and I totally broke one of my own rules by buying these. I normally only ever go for sock yarn that is in one big skein, so the colors have a better chance of matching up. However, I know the Peppermint Mocha is a much-coveted colorway, and those were the only two left, by some weird fluke, and, well, you know what happens. You’ve all been there before. Anyway, I’m kind of thinking gloves, maybe, out of this instead of socks.

The ball of multi-colored yarn is Hand Maiden’s Mini Maiden in Pop, which is a 50/50 silk/wool blend, singly ply. Not sure what this will become, but it’s soft and shiny.

The brownish grey on top is another single ply yarn, this one in 100% merino by the Plucky Knitter. The colorway is “Morning Mocha.” It’s really a nice, subtle, sophisticated colorway, and even though the yarn is so fine, I’m thining about making some fancy-pants socks out of it for Travis. Or it might wind up being something else. Who knows?

Tucked in the middle is some Bambewe by Zen String. The colorway is “Blissed.” I liked this one because of the rich golden browns snaking through the purple and gold.

The big green skein is some Dream in Color Smooshy in the colorway “Spring Tickle,” which is kind of a great name, because it sounds slightly naughty. I had to get some of the Dream in Color because Sheri was speaking so highly of it, but now I’m wondering if it might want to be woven instead of knitted? I’m sure that’s some kind of heresy.

Finally, the skein looming over the Dream in Color is Yarn Love‘s Scarlett O’Hara in “Darling.” It’s got that similar wicked green in it as the Dream in Color, but is also paired with pale blue, ashy brown, and violet. It’s way cool.

Speaking of Yarn Love, Katie sent me a surprise package of Joy and Wonder that arrived while I was gone. It contained the following goodness (well, not the pumpkin – I bought that on vacation and it survived the trip home with us, so it got to be in the pictures).

Joan of Arc in “Violets”:


And some cute little fiber poofs in merino/tencel that she had jar-dyed:


I’m going to mix them all up and spin up some crazy sock yarn out of them. 🙂

Boy do I have a lot of catching up to do! The in-progress stuff is going to have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, here’s a sneak peek – this is some fiber I bought from Dianne at the Wool Gathering.


I spun up about 4 ounces of the blue yesterday and hope to spin up the same amount of the reddish-orange today so I can ply the two together. The fiber is wonderful to spin, and it felt really nice to be back at the spinning wheel, spinning from fiber a friend had dyed. There’s not much better than that.

Travis has been posting some of our vacation related stuff over at his blog, so if you want to see more critter pictures or dog videos, check it out. I’m waiting for him to do a big chainmail post, though, since he made some awesome stuff while we were gone.


6 thoughts on “The post of yarny goodness! And pierogis!”

  1. this post makes me jealous… what with all the vacation and food and fiber in various forms… but it makes me happy, too, ’cause i know you like all those things and that’s fun. can’t wait to see how much knitting you did over your trip and your works in progress post when it appears!


  2. Welecome home!
    Looks like your trip was super-fun… those yarn pictures have me drooling – and seriously you got to go to the Loopy Room in person?! That’s awesome!!!


  3. I voted for ya! I’m totally jealous of you getting to visit Sheri. I’ve got to go see her one of these days. I really must.

    Drooling over the yarn and roving you’ve got there. Drooling, I tell you.

    Oh, and the first batch of beer is good. Nick and I downed our first two bottles in record time over a homemade pizza. It’s good food beer, if slightly on the hoppy side. Have travis tell me the best way to ship it to you, and you guys can taste our first brew…..


  4. I voted! Go Whiting! PS It’s reassuring to see that even people who can make their own gorgeous yarn are still human and fall prey to other gorgeous yarn…


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