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So, I realized a bit belatedly that, while I did knit (or start to knit, as the case may be) a certain number of things on vacation, for various reasons, I’d be better off not posting them on here right now. Which is a bummer, because there are two things especially that are really cool! Oh well. They’ll show up here some day.

That leaves me with a whopping 2 knit items I can show off. I really did knit quite a bit more than this, I promise!

The first thing is a hat for CoderWritingFool, who recently fixed my blog a few days ago after one of the WordPress updates caused it to go all wonky. Thanks, Paul! While we were in Missouri, I whipped up a simple ribbed hat for his pleasure:


It was knit out of some of the squooshiest yarn I’ve ever worked with – some of Travishandspun. The hat knit up really fast, especially since I was using size 13 needles, and when I got done, neither of us wanted to give it up. It just came out so soft. The yarn was awesome to knit, and I’m looking forward to knitting with some of the other handspun yarn that Travis has spun up.

The other thing I can show you is the start of another pair of knee socks!


I’m not entirely sure why I started knitting these. My intent was to come up with a more complex pattern for my second pair, based on my simple stockinette pattern that I knit the Cherry Pie knee socks with. However, I don’t think my brain was wanting to come up with complicated patterns during vacation (note – I did nothing at all with the Cat Bordhi book while I was gone), so I’m knitting the same socks again, with a few small adjustments to make them fit a little better.

I’m calling them the Dirty Hippie knee socks since the yarn (which looks most accurate in this picture:)


looks vaguely psychedelic/Jerry Garcia-esque. I like the way these are coming out, I just need to figure out more occasions where knee socks are appropriate. Especially for someone who is 31 years old. Would anyone like to join me in the Land of Denial right now?

Yesterday, I finished up spinning the yarn from Dianne‘s roving. I kept trying to figure out what the color combo reminded me of, and suddenly it hit me while I was spinning the reddish-orange:


After plying them together, I wound up with Uber Skein, weighing 8 ounces, and measuring out to be about 284 yards of light bulky-weight yarn. It is Huge.


My pumpkin is very, very afraid. I like this yarn, but I’m not madly in love with it – the afternoon sun gave it a bit more warmth than the yarn really has, so in reality, it’s a touch duller than in the pumpkin pic. No worries, though – I still have 4 ounces of each color roving to play with, so I may spin up some thicker singles to use for colorwork or striping in something. I just like the way each color looked on its own better than the way they looked combined. Regardless, this roving was great to spin, and if you have a chance to see Dianne at Stitches East, try to grab some (hey, Karida‘s going to be there, too, so buy some stuff from her as well!).

I think next up on my spinning agenda is to tackle the cute merino/tencel blobbettes that Katie sent me. Those will be nice to work with, especially since they’re so bright, and today is so dark and cold and grey. Remember 2 days ago? When it was 90? So weird.


6 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to”

  1. I wish I had Knee-Sock-Legs. Those look fantastic! I love knee socks, but I was blessed with short legs. My sister on the other hand has the perfect knee sock legs, but only likes ankle socks. I know she does these things just to frustrate me. *totaly jealous of your knee socks*


  2. From that picture the plied yarn looks great! I love the orangey-reds and blues together. I’ll have to take your word for it that it is not ideal. I love your new knee socks! I think the 30 degree drop in the weather answered your question about why you need them.


  3. I love my hat! I got to wear it to work today; it was chilly this morning. My boss immediately called it a “homeboyhat” but he’s just jealous. I wore it for part of the day just to get on his nerves. I think I code better with it on, too.


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