I need to get used to autumn

Well, the weather has changed, stunningly, and it’s been gray and chilly here. These days always make me want to curl up in a little ball and go back to sleep. So I’ve been trying really hard to stay focused and get some stuff done, and not just space out. When I feel like my brain absolutely refuses to work anymore, I knit start knitting on the second Dirty Hippie knee sock. Mmm, miles and miles of stockinette in the round! So soothing!

I got some of that knitting done last night while watching TV – since we were gone, we missed the start of the fall TV season. I thought My Name is Earl and, surprisingly, 30 Rock were just pretty meh. Especially disappointed in 30 Rock, because even the presence of Dr. Spaceman didn’t save the episode for me. I can’t put my finger exactly on what was weird about 30 Rock, but it looked like they’re filming the season a little differently – the show looked more like The West Wing than last season of 30 Rock. I did crack up at the the best visual joke in the episode, though – Liz’s Ikea-esque furniture being named Blërg.

The Office was pretty good, though. Jim is continuing to behave like kind of a dick, but I liked Pam when she tried to make Dwight feel better at the end of the computer prank. I love any time where Andy gets to sing, love the Oscar-Kevin bonding, and the cold open with the DVD square was probably my favorite cold open evah.

Hey, I spun up the merino/tencel blobbettes from Katie! They went from looking like this:


To this:


I wound up spinning the yarn thicker than I had planned, though, and will wind up using it for something other than socks. I’m considering trying to weave a scarf out of it, as long as I use something else for the warp. I’ve got a bunch of things I’d like to start weaving, I just need to decide what I’d like to do first.

In other news, Al Gore won the Nobel Prize. Yay, Al! I figure if he’s going to announce he’s running for president, it needs to happen in the next 10 days or so or not at all (I’m not sure when the deadlines are to be registered as a candidate for the state primaries, but I would think that they would be coming up). I think it would be fun if he ran, just because I’m so bored with the whole Hillary-Obama (and John Edwards, when the media doesn’t try to annihilate him, which isn’t often) thing. Right now I’m betting that he’s going to jump in the race, and the whole delay until right before the primaries thing is just him being really, really crafty – he avoids all of the sniping that happens this early on in a race, and a huge grassroots movement builds up around the Draft Gore idea. I hope that’s what is happening, because I would appreciate getting behind someone who has an evil genius like that. If I can’t vote for bitter, bearded, flanneled, ‘wandering through the wilderness’ Al Gore (my own personal favorite!), I’d like to be able to vote for Evil Genius Al Gore. Other Al Gores that I would back – “I like puppies” Al Gore, Sweaty Superhero Al Gore, and Stealth Ninja Al Gore.  (In related news, this is pretty funny).

I need to get up the motivation to actually do something today besides putz around on the computer. I need to make a cake or something. That’s pretty motivating. 🙂


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