So, Travis and I got to hang out with Sarah Lou last night, her being in town for work related schmoozing and all. We bought some yarn, ate some food (Starliner Diner again), said hi to Terry at Whole Foods, and then did super quick shoe shopping at DSW (in the Filene’s by Whole Foods).


I actually wound up buying a pair of ‘show off my awesome hand-knit socks’ shoes while there.  It is not the shoe I am holding in the above photo, which is one of the ugliest shoes that have ever seen the light of day.  Anyway, I bought some different shoes.  The ugly ones will continue to haunt my nightmares.

After Sarah Lou mentioned that the new holiday Interweave Knits may or may not be out, I wound up buying a copy when I found it.  I have to say, it’s one of the best IK issues I’ve gotten in a while.  Lots of really fun colorwork patterns in it – my only beef is that there didn’t seem to be anything in it for men, which is kind of a bummer.  And considering how many men are knitting now, it kind of seems like a big market to leave out.  Get with it, IK!  But besides that, really good issue.

I’ve also gotten started with my Christmas knitting, of which I’m sure I won’t get everything done that I’d like to, but I’m giving it a go anyway.  I got one project done already, although I’m not that confident that it’s going to fit, and will probably start on the next tomorrow.

I finished up my Dirty Hippie Knee Socks a few days ago, but haven’t taken pictures yet.  I’ve not really been in a picture taking mood lately for some reason.  Anyway, I’m really happy with them, and the few tiny mods I made to the pattern from when I knit the Cherry Pie Knee Socks made the fit even better.

There’s also been some spinning going on.  I finished up a wool/silk 2-ply yarn today (again, no pics just yet).  I had dyed the wool and silk in the same dyebath a while ago, and as sometimes happens, the two fibers came out not really resembling each other at all.  So I spun them up separately and plied them together to see what effect I’d get.  Shiny, yet squishy!

Not much else going on besides Travis and I starting to watch the TV show Chuck on NBC,  which is about 15 different types of awesome.  It features Jayne from Firefly – you know, he of the Jayne hat (not my pattern, by the way!  -just a little fyi for someone special 🙂 ).  Also, one of the characters in the show is called Captain Awesome, which is awesome (I should start a company called Captain Awesome’s Awesome Fibers).  And the lead guy, Chuck, kind of sounds like Jerry Seinfeld but looks like John Krasinski, which is cool but a little disconcerting.  Travis really likes the show because Jayne threw a microwave at someone’s head.  I like it because the blink-and-you’d-miss-it Lost shout out they threw in (“Flight 815 was shot down by…”).  I think it’s… (sorry) awesome when TV shows give shout outs to TV shows on other networks.

Stay tuned for pictures of things!  And stuff!  In my next post!  Hopefully!


6 thoughts on “Shoooooooes!”

  1. so, i was driving home… north on 23… got to rt. 15 (after 23 veers off at carey and before it hits 75N… when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a clapboard sign touting “YARN FARM”, turn right on county road somethingorother!! so guess what i did?!?! hee hee hee! i’ll get pics of what i got soon. 🙂

    it was so fun to hang out. hoping your november fun will work for us! and we’ll have to see when is good for you all to come up here, too! for glass! and packos! and apple picking! and more!


  2. Love that pic of you guys! And DSW is a fabulous place to go for scary shoes (cute ones, too, but many many scary ones). I’m glad to hear a good review of this year’s IK Holiday mag! PS Please please please start “Captain Awesome’s Awesome Fibers” and then give all of the colorways radically bodaciously redundant names too! It could be uber-super cool!


  3. Yarn Farm? Awesome! I love spontaneous yarn shops. I’ll be e-mailing you hopefully tomorrow about the November fun (I’ve had to deal with some silliness today).

    And Sulafaye, Sarah Lou and I just happened to be talking yesterday about how awesome you were with your mad knitting skillz. 🙂


  4. Ooooh! I know Sarah Lou! Ok, I really don’t know her, but she’s got a comment on a couple of my Rav projects and I recognized her from the pic.

    And why on earth didn’t you buy those shoes? (I can’t even tell which end is up from the pic…) 😉


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