California needs a Wet One, stat!

Well, it looks as if the national news have finally realized that Southern California is burning. One of the interesting things I’ve observed over the past 3 or 4 years is how behind TV news is compared to how quickly information flows on the web. I’ve noticed it mainly in the political arena (for example, the lefty blogs were talking about the George Allen-“macaca” thing for about a week before it wound up on TV, if I remember correctly). Anyway, I woke up yesterday morning to a series of diaries posted on Daily Kos about the California fires and was all, “What? What fires?” Since I can be a news junkie (especially when actual news is happening), I’ve been monitoring the fire stuff since then. Not like that really means anything. But here’s hoping the winds die down and the firefighters can do their jobs as safely as possible.

Travis and I got to have a fun dye day on Sunday. We got to try out some new colors of dyes we’ve gotten recently, which was fun. One of them is this crazy “BLAAAHHH!!!” (insert googly eyes and exaggerated expression here) pink.


I spun this roving up already, and if it wasn’t all rainy with negative light outside, I’d take pictures of it. But you’ll just have to wait. Anyway, the yarn is awesome, much like Captain Awesome, who sadly was absent from last night’s Chuck. 😦

Also dyed up some silk (both soy and tussah):


And some merino/tencel fiber.


Besides the dyeing, which was fun (the keggle rocks!), I also started and finished weaving a scarf for my Aunt Dorie, using the yarn I named after her. Here is an in progress shot – again, no finished pics yet because of sucky light conditions.


I really like how the scarf turned out. The variations in the color of the yarn really show in the woven format. In the original picture of the yarn it looked kind of a grayish lavender, but in the finished product, you can see the subtle blues, browns, purples, and even a touch of gold and green.

It’s very satisfying to weave. A project, especially a scarf like the one I wove, can be completed very quickly. I find that with weaving, much like spinning, I’m best at it when I just let the repetitive motion take over and don’t even think about what I’m doing. Anyway, I want to try and get some more scarves woven for Christmas presents. I got some weird yarn that looks kind of like variegated I-cord in Columbus last week, and I’m thinking about weaving something with that next. As for right now, I may start a no-brainer seed stitch handspun scarf, just because my brain seems to have shut down.

eta – A San Diego Fire group has been formed on Ravelry, and is accepting donations of 8″ squares to piece together into afghans for people who have been displaced. More info is here.


3 thoughts on “California needs a Wet One, stat!”

  1. My Grandmother’s house is on the edge of the fireline in San Diego, so we have been watching very closely. We should find out in the next day or so if it survived.

    Love what you guys dyed and I can’t wait to see that hot pink yarn! That scarf for your aunt is beautiful too. I know she will love it 😀


  2. OMG! I’ve dyed that shade of pink before. It’s hideous and shocking (in a good way of course).

    Sad news for the people of Southern CA. I hope it wasn’t a careless smoker or camper that started this one.


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