In which I knit with blinding speed

When I’m really, really intrigued with a yarn, and I’ve got nothing else to do, I can certainly crank out a project.


I started re-watching the last season of Lost last night and CO for these socks at the same time. I’m now on episode 10, and the socks are done. Hooray! I love knitting with handspun, even more so than just regular hand-dyed yarn. And check out how bright these are:


Eeep! It’s like wearing miniature exploding red giant stars on my feet!

These were for me, so now I’m back to Christmas knitting. Maybe I can get another pair of socks done before I get done with all of Season 3.


6 thoughts on “In which I knit with blinding speed”

  1. You are my sock hero! I have been battling with some socks for entirely too long. Not to mention that Lost is a great way to entertain yourself while making socks 😀


  2. those are some freakin’ awesome foot sweaters of awesomeness!! you are lightning sock knitter!! i definitely in for the 10th and eric is deciding. karen said “cooooooooooool!”, so i think she’s considering it, too. hee hee!


  3. I’m totally with you about knitting with handspun! I love every inch of my own handspun, even the bad ones. I also love that you made NEON pink socks look totally grownup and not like anything I wore in the 80s (but my 7 yr. old self would have adored these socks too, don’t get me wrong!…


  4. Those are some seriously fast and seriously bright socks… love it! And I’m kindof iffy on Lost this season… I vowed that if they killed off a certain character that I loved I wouldn’t watch anymore. And of course they did. I”m hoping he’ll be in the flashbacks, though.


  5. I’m lovin’ the hot pink. Apparently, I am sponsored by the color hot pink. I have a hot pink quilted down vest and hot pink crocs….oh, and a hot pink nighty that is ridiculously low cut, but I got for a buck or two on mad clearance at Dillards…..I forgot to mention that I also have two hot pink sweaters and yes, the crown jewel in my hot pink collection….my knee length, mega fuchsia down coat. (See link below. It’s really, obnoxiously bright.

    So my advice, embrace the pink. I usually think of myself as a “black” color sort of girl, but really, I guess I’m pink.


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