And for my next trick, I’ll be making a pillow fort

I have dispensed with any pretending that I am an adult lately by setting up camp in my living room. Our couch folds out into a bed, so it’s been unfolded for the past few days and I’ve made a Jacki-nest where I can watch a bunch of TV (I finished up with Lost and am now working my way through Jericho – I’ll take my apocalypse with a heavy dose of cheese, thank you) and knit until late, late in the night. It’s actually quite cozy. I think it has something to do with it getting colder outside. I normally tend to get kind of bummed when winter starts – just sort of tired and non-productive. So apparently I’m combatting that this year by turning my couch into a snuggly knitting raft. It’s kind of silly. Anyway, the animals are all getting a big kick out of it – Ellie actually got stuck inside the couch a few days ago and was all, “MrrrROOOOAH!” until I could fish her out of it.

So, I have been productive. I got another pair of socks done that I had been working on since vacation. I finished up 3 hats. One is another version of the butterfly colorwork hat, but it needs blocked. I still don’t think I’m using the right yarn for it, because I’m pretty sure it’s going to come out too big. Regardless, I took the leftovers and whipped this up yesterday:


It’s just a simple 1×1 ribbed beanie. I tell you what, I am loving 1×1 ribbed beanies this year. They take a bit longer to knit than a stockinette one, but the fit is great and they’ll stretch for forever. I feel like making everybody one for Christmas.

Here you can see the gray dot on top of the hat because I ran out of red:


The other hat I finished was a ribbed beanie as well, but Travis has already taken that one to work with him, so no pictures.

I also finally got photos of my woven Aunt Dorie scarf:



I’m currently working on one easy pair of socks that are destined to be Christmas presents, and I’m back to fighting the Cat Bordhi book. Fighting isn’t the right term, I guess. I just keep looking at the different architectures she has in her book and trying to come up with a different way to knit them. Most of the architectures are for toe-up socks, and the problem I seem to be having with toe-up in thinner yarn is that my knitting looks like ass – my gauge is loose and weird, and it just looks bad. I didn’t seem to have a problem with it when knitting the Tibetan socks in sportweight yarn, but the skinnier the yarn, the worse it looks.

Also, I’m still not crazy about the way the socks look and fit. Again, the Tibetan ones are fine, but I prefer my socks to be on the snug side, and I’m just not getting that using the Magic Numbers system. So, I’m going to try to figure out a way to do top-down versions of some of the architectures in the book, like Coriolis and Ridgeline, and see if they can be done spacing out the increases (or decreases, I guess, since I’m going to do them top-down) over 2 rounds rather than 3, which is what I’m thinking is causing the socks to be not as snug as what I’m used to. It just seems that the instructions in the book, although brilliant, should be easier than what they currently are.  I’ll probably cast on for some footies tonight and experiment with things.


3 thoughts on “And for my next trick, I’ll be making a pillow fort”

  1. Your knitting knest sounds devine! What a great way to keep the blues away. The hat and the scarf are great! You have been so super productive the past couple weeks.


  2. My theory about the New Pathways socks: too many gusset increases. They’re just too big around at the top of the instep. The stitch count after arch expansion (F) shouldn’t be equal to the midfoot circumference plus half the midfoot circumference — maybe more like 25% over the midfoot circumference. (On Gibson’s You’re Putting Me On sock, it’s 30%).


  3. I’m anxious to see the results of your experimenting! I’m also really excited to see your 1×1 beanie. For some reason I’ve been dragging my feet on making normal St st hats this year, and now I now why! These are way coooooooler! (Also love the scarf. Please don’t ever let me talk you into teaching me to weave! Please teach me to weave! Dangit!)


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