Manos, Hands of Fate!

Got the first Red Stripe sock done last night. Travis hasn’t been home yet to try it on, but when I tried it on, it seems like the fit is spot on.


Here’s an up-close of the heel and sneaky sole gusset shaping:


I’m loving the sneaky gusset. I can’t wait to knit up a pair of socks for me using it, because it really does seem like it hugs the foot much more than the regular side gusset shaping does.

I also tried out my first anatomically correct toe. My decrease rounds at the toe were using a 4 round repeat, and I decreased along one side on rounds 1 and 3, and along the other side only on round 3. It wasn’t anything big or scary. I just need to remember to knit the opposite when I get to the toe on the new sock, lest I wind up with two right socks. That would be comical.

I’m having kind of an odd day, I seem to be getting really really cold every so often. I folded up the knitting raft this morning, so maybe it’s because I’m not all warm and snuggly on it anymore. Here’s a bonus picture of Ellie last night on one of the rare occasions when she actually was on top of the raft and not stuck inside the couch.


She says she is going to hide all of her feet in case of enemy attack.

I’ve also wound up wasting part of the day getting stuck on Wikipedia. I find it can be as big of a time-suck as YouTube. I can’t even really remember why I looked it up originally (since I was reading mostly about Hitchcock movies), but here is the surprisingly lengthy and entertaining Wikipedia article on Manos, The Hands of Fate. In case you’re not familiar with it, it happens to be the absolute worst horror movie of all time. I, and many others like me, was introduced to it sometime in the early 90s while watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. One of the best parts of the Wikipedia article is this bit:

“Further ridicule is directed at the fact that “Manos” is the Spanish word for “hands”; thus, when entirely translated into English, the movie’s title is Hands: The Hands of Fate.”

Leaving now to dig out my copy of the MST3K episode showing this movie. Torgo forevah!


7 thoughts on “Manos, Hands of Fate!”

  1. Heck, all I did was heist Cat Bordhi’s idea and stick it on a top-down sock. Turns out the gusset can do all sorts of cool things. It’s Gussets Gone Wild over here!


  2. I love the Manos movie!! The MST3K verison is the only way to go. We own a VHS copy. I like how they keep repeating “manos hands of fate” thru the entire movie. Classic!


  3. Hey, those socks are awesome. How perfect of Travis to get you the Wollmeise!! And I love your idea of the knitting raft. Too bad I have to go to school every day and counsel the 8th graders. :-p


  4. Wow, do I ever miss MST3K! Every now and then when I’m watching a stinker of a movie, I long for Joel and Crow and Tom Servo to come in and rescue the situation…. what’s your favorite episode?


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