I’ve got a fever and the only cure is More Batts!!


So, Craftstravaganza was yesterday! Katie, Lizzie, and Terry (with Mocha) came over to have a Day O’ Crafts with Travis and myself. It was A Hoot. There was a lot of dog angst, because Mocha wanted Bela to be his girlfriend, and Bela was all, “Get out of my butt, Mocha!” (Katie: “No means NO, Mocha!” I died.) Mocha is the cutest dog ever and he is impossibly cheery. He’s one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met. Plus, his head is perfectly round and he has big bunny feet.


We stuck with a lot of fibery-related crafts for the most part (knitting, spinning, carding, and combing), but Terry managed to whip out her first chainmaille bracelet:


Travis and Lizzie each got a skein of yarn spun, and Terry spun a bunch, too. Fortunately, Terry brought her drum carder, and once that was busted out, things started to get crazy.


We had all brought fiber, and combined it together to make a ton of batts. While Terry was in Chainmaille Zen Concentration mode, everyone else wound up playing with the drum carder at least a little bit. I have a huge Hefty garbage bag full of junk fiber (weird endy bits and chunks of roving and miscellaneous fibers), so I brought that out and we used that as a base for a lot of the batts. Here’s Lizzie digging through the bag:


Lizzie and I spent a crazy amount of time making batts – we were like a fine tuned fiber sweatshop. I’m not positive of the exact count, since Lizzie and Travis spun some of the batts during the course of the evening, but I’m pretty sure we managed to produce over 50 batts yesterday. It was absolutely insane. I can barely move today (I was standing up for a lot of it, and Lizzie was cranking, so her crank arm is probably like twice as big as her other arm today).

Lizzie and Terry took some of the batts home with them, and I was still left with this:


I started spinning them this afternoon and I have one huge bobbin full already.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. We had some really good food (Travis’ Stout Cake was awesome, and Katie brought over some homemade apple raisin bread that I kind of can’t stop eating). I made a pumpkin pie, which was okay – not as good as last year’s pumpkin pie, for some reason, but still, a pretty good pumpkin pie is far superior to no pumpkin pie at all. We also had a lot of apples:


I think our apple to batt ratio was about 1 to 6.

Terry and Mocha stayed overnight. Mocha is so funny! I’ve always had big dogs, so this was my first experience ever hanging out with a little dog (I think Terry said Mocha weighs about 4 pounds, which made his quest to check out Toby and Bela’s butts even more comical). I completely get the appeal now.

Katie brought me some of her kick ass self striping yarn (she also brought some fiber, but I spaced getting a picture of it):


I’m considering knitting up a stocking hat out of the Naughty Elf. I think that would be festive and cool for the holidays. Vegas Baby is destined to become socks, tho – I’ve never knit with self-striping yarn before, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway, Craftstravaganza rocked. If you weren’t here, there’s no way you can appreciate the sheer insanity of Batt Madness, but it was pretty intense. Once Ellie and Bela recover from the Great Mocha Invasion, we can start figuring out Craftstravaganza 2, Electric Boogaloo.

(Oh, and Lizzie – I didn’t find out until this morning that Travis wanted to Shrinky Dink! So bring those next time, too 🙂 )


7 thoughts on “I’ve got a fever and the only cure is More Batts!!”

  1. That sounds like so much fun!! Is that a chocolate stout cake? I have a recipe for one of those. It is sooo yummy 😀 I can’t wait to see what you make with all those batts and yarns. It is like crafting kinetic energy.


  2. i’m so sad that i didn’t get to play, but i’m feeling so much better today that it was really worth the rest-y day. i’m so down for craftstravaganza 2 (electric boogalu), so keep me posted. i will subsist on vitamin c and herbal tea alone to keep myself healthy for it!

    hoping we can hang out some other time soon!


  3. #1. So jealous. Enough said about that. Maybe someday when I grow up I can play with the big kids.

    #2. I gotta have more batts…baby (in other words, can I just thank you for your post title? That is one of my all-time most quoted skits–as you have aptly demonstrated it really functions equally well in any context!)

    #3. Can’t wait to see what becomes of those batts!!


  4. We missed you guys too!
    I had so much fun! Thanks for having us! I think that next time we need to make Terry leave the drum carder at home! It gets too intense!

    and definitely on the shrinky dinks.


  5. I had an awesome time! I loved watching everyone do their own thing and it was nice to relax for a change. Next time, I’ll bring some yarny goodies for everyone. I’ll be fiber claus!

    Let me know if you want the bread recipe. It is super easy. I may make one for me today. 🙂


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