Hey! I think my sock mojo is back!

I think I’ve figured out what the problem was – I have a lot of thin sock yarn (anything that needs to be knit on a size 2 needle or smaller qualifies as thin in my book). I have a lot of Christmas socks I’d like to knit. I keep wanting to design patterns to show off all of this pretty sock yarn. However, I have the “Must… knit… more… socks!!” mantra going through my head, which is kind of making me freak out that I’m trying to do more designing than knitting. But yet, I still have skeins and skeins of the thin sock yarn to use.

My solution is to go all Cat Bordhi and start knitting socks holding two strands together.


The yarn is some hand-dyed stuff I did a while ago, and I’m getting this really cool mottled effect, am using up some of my thin yarn, and can knit fast since I’m also using size 4 needles.


So, I’m going to be making generic foot sweaters, more or less, for presents. Ribbed legs. Stockinette feet. I hope no one is expecting anything fancy because it’s not going to happen. Anyway, I feel a lot better now. 🙂

My back is still kind of achy, so I’m going to stay away from the weaving until Sunday. I did manage to knit another hat last night. I got it done in the 2 hours that NBC plays My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, the Office, and Scrubs. I was going to call it my NBC hat, but screw that, it’s my WGA Support Hat now.


This was made from some Brown Sheep mill end roving that I dyed and then blended with some mohair locks on the hackle. I love this yarn, and have never knit with anything that has the big crazy mohair locks coming out of it like this before. There some more pictures on Flickr, it was kind of hard to get one that shows how nice the color runs are and also how shiny the yarn is (due to the mohair content in the Brown Sheep roving).

Here’s the earflap hat all done, too.


I used some of Travishandspun that he dyed and spun this summer. It’s really fun to knit with handspun that someone else spun! I was going to put a big stupid pom pom on the top of this hat, but after I did, I realized that it looked, well, big and stupid, so I took it off.

In other news, I finished World War Z this morning. And hey, I did have zombie dreams last night! Oddly enough, they weren’t really scary, more like, “Oh hey, time to kill the zombies.” It was a very blase zombie dream. I’ve started on Thunderstruck now.

Since I’m all ‘Hey! I remember that I actually like reading!’ lately, here’s a fun blog to check out, if you, like Tricia and myself, tend to by books based on pretty covers. It’s called the Book Design Review and is all about book cover art. The latest post has a list of some favorite book covers produced in the past year. One of them is the cover to The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, which Travis and I bought based on Yarmando‘s recommendation. I, too, thought the cover to that was awesome. I love the gun with the death head in the speech bubble in the lower left corner. The inside of the book was pretty good, too. 🙂 Along with apocalyptic themed books, I also love me some alternative histories.


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  1. Beautiful colors there! I looked at your double stranded socks, and realized that the answer to my kilt-hose knitting angst was right in front of me. Double strand the yarn and no more swatch problems! The pattern I had was for sport-weight and the yarn was decidedly fingering weight. I finally was able to obtain gauge using size 5 needles, but the fabric was just wrong. Too airy. Not manly kilt hose fabric.
    Thanks for the comment on the yarn. I’m loving this spinning stuff! I can’t wait to dye some more and seew what the dye does on the different fibers.


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