A little late, but…

…Paul Simon in a turkey suit is classic.

Travis and I did the family rounds this Thanksgiving. We visited both of our families in Indiana and had a lot of fun and ate some really good food. Here’s Brandi, chilling out between courses at my parents’ house:


Here’s some of our Thanksgiving spread:




Mmm, brussel sprouts!

I got a fair amount of Christmas knitting done over the break as well. Some more socks, mainly. I’ve got quite a few more I’d like to get done, though. My nephew Tyler wants socks that look like mice. Hmm.

Hey, I read today that Chuck got picked up for basically a full season’s worth of episodes! Hooray, Chuck! Now, we just need some sensible headway made in the Writer’s Guild Strike.

Since I’ve really got nothing else today (secretive knitting kind of sucks), here’s the Grass Roots!

Fun TV trivia – which actor on a TV show that I love is featured at 1:50 in this video? Answer below the fold!

Creed Bratton, who plays Creed on The Office!

Yeah, I’ve got nothing today. Stay tuned for more randomness to come!


2 thoughts on “A little late, but…”

  1. I don’t watch The Office so I was clueless but I vaguely remember The Grass Roots…nice walk down memory lane!

    I just ate a whole plate of roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower –YUM!!


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