I have been in the No Blogging Zone for the past week. I think it’s because I’m pretty much entirely knitting gifts right now, and I can’t really blog about that lest I ruin any surprises. So I’m way behind on any sort on internet related stuff. I think my Googlereader has a bazillion different unread posts queued up for me. I’ve even been neglecting Ravelry, which I’m sure is going to doom me to knitting hell. So! Much! Pressure!

Anyway, in lieu of curling up in the fetal position and whimpering, or not blogging until after the holidays, here are some shiny pictures of some of the Christmas stuff I’ve been working on. I figured as long as you can’t really tell what you’re looking at, it’s cool. I just really dug the colors of these:



This next one is from some yarn I dyed ages ago – it turned out pretty ugly at first, and I think I wound up overdyeing it twice to wind up with this color. I love, love, love the finished product, and have been holding out for a worthwhile project to use it on.


The photo isn’t exactly true to life – the green is a bit darker and richer in real life.

This last one is knit from some Malabrigo I had hanging around the house. You can’t go wrong with Malabrigo; it’s such a joy to knit with yarn that is not only pretty but so insanely soft:


I’ve got a bit more Christmas knitting to get done. Some projects are going along faster than others. The one that is really dragging is the one with all of the color changes, naturally. I’m going to start crying during the end-weaving-in part of it. Not really. Actually, that’s the one project I’ll be surprised if I actually finish in time for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, the rules were put into place for my family’s Christmas over Thanksgiving. This year, in addition to having a $25 per person limit, we’re also each responsible for bringing a luxury food item to share with everyone on Christmas Eve – basically, some kind of food you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t justify the cost, or something you’ve had once before and it was awesome and would like to share it with others. Something like that. I’m going to bring some kind of gourmet marshmallows, like these. I’m not even a huge marshmallow fan, but every time I see those big, square marshmallows at Whole Foods I’m overcome by marshmallow lust. It happens. Travis was thinking about bringing some of the dry-aged beef from Whole Foods, but I think there’s a no-cooking rule involved somewhere, so he may have to figure out something else. Anyway, feel free to throw out more luxury food suggestions, because I may end up grabbing something else.


7 thoughts on “Bloop”

  1. I am super partial to those marshmallows. They are soooo good! I’d say just walking around the whole foods could inspire Travis. What a great idea… I think having a party around that theme would be good.


  2. I too am not a marshmallow lover but I.WANT.THOSE. NOW.
    You could get a tin of caviar, some blinis and creme fraiche. Tell Travis to do steak tartare, that’s not cooked šŸ™‚


  3. As long as you’re thinking Whole Foods, they have what they call “Salmon Candy” I think. It’s little bits of marinated smoked salmon.
    We went to Wild Oats the other day hoping they were Whole Foods by now, and all the deli foods (and even cookies) were so sub-par it left me wanting to go to Whole Foods. I hope they build in New Albany or something.
    I finished some hats for the boys over the weekend, they’re with Cider Moon Glacier Peppermint Twist. Hoping to get them posted sometime soon. I know how it is with the Christmas knitting–Andrew’s kilt hose are taking over my life and I can’t blog them!


  4. Where is there a Wild Oats around here? I had no idea. Normally when Travis and I go food shopping in Columbus, we hit the trifecta of Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (in that order, so we buy our cheaper and necessary stuff at TJs, and then splurge on a few things at WF :). There’s also a Sunflower about two minutes away from TJs and WF, but I wasn’t too impressed with that store so far.

    I was actually kind of thinking smoked salmon, too!


  5. Lucky bamboo does not like direct sunlight. If it is in the sun that might be why it is turning yellow. Since you have had it so long though it may just need some fertilizer. The aloe will need as much sun as you can give it and that is about it. You probably already knew that though. šŸ˜›


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