Impulse plant and my new boyfriend

Happy Caulking Day! It’s probably not really Caulking Day officially, but who says that any day can’t be Caulking Day? I realized yesterday that there was some pretty serious crackage going on around the window frames in our house, so today Travis and I bought some caulk at Lowes and set about trying to seal them up. For some reason, our heating bills are always uber-high, even though our house is on the small side (1200 square feet). We’ve been adding insulation to the attic (which is already pretty well insulated) here and there over the years, but it doesn’t seem to help much, so I’m pretty sure we have a giant heat sink somewhere else. I hope the big Caulking/Weatherstripping extravaganza we did earlier will help some, but as Travis said, it certainly can’t hurt.

While at Lowes, I bought an impulse plant:


It’s a smallish aloe. It only cost about $3, so I figured I wasn’t out much if (more like “when”) it finally croaks. In addition to living in Heat Sink Manor, we are also unfortunately situated in No Natural Light Village. It doesn’t seem like we get hardly any natural light in this house. The one place where we have a ton is in our dining room, which has a bumped out bank of 4 windows and faces west. So in the afternoon, especially in the summer between 4:30 and 6:30 pm, the heat, it burns! In addition to this, I just happen to be really bad at keeping houseplants alive.

We have two – one is a biggish orange tree that we bought from Franklin Park Conservatory in the spring of 2001, before we moved to Ohio (we took a week’s vacation and had started looking for houses when we purchased it). The orange tree desperately needs transplanted to a larger pot. Also, it gets horribly crunchy during the winter. As soon as it gets warm enough in the spring, I stick it outside and let it fend for itself.

Our other plant is a really sad looking lucky bamboo that we’ve had for about 5 or 6 years. It’s recently started turning yellow and generally seems like it needs Prozac or something.

So today, at Lowe’s, I actually went ahead and bought some fertilizer for my poor plants. Amazing, I know! And since I figured I was (sorry, can’t help myself here) turning over a new leaf (again, sorry for the plant related pun), I went ahead and boldly picked out my baby aloe. I think Aloes are cool because their leaves are chunky, they don’t need much of anything, and when you burn yourself making Christmas cookies, you can relieve the hurt by squishing some of the aloey goodness from them. Hooray, aloe!

In other news, I have a new imaginary boyfriend. His name is Chris Hardwick (snicker! I’m 12!). He hosts, or co-hosts, or just appears randomly on some PBS show called Wired Science. Here’s a clip of him and Rainn (“Dwight” from The Office) Wilson looking at a bunch of ingredients for a mystery product:

I think I’m in love with him because he hates high fructose corn syrup as much as I do! [Swoon!]

Anyway, there are some other clips with him available on YouTube, and you can check out his snarky science blog here.

No new knitting content as of yet, as I’m just plugging away on gifty things. I may try to spin later, if I can control the rampant static electricity in the house.


6 thoughts on “Impulse plant and my new boyfriend”

  1. Is it Caulking day already?!?! I need to do some caulking around the bottom of our shower, between the shower and the floor tile. There is a nice gap there and I am sure water is getting in there and rotting the WHOLE HOUSE!!!

    I love Chris Hardwick and Wired Science. I know I have seen him on a different show, but I just can’t remember which one. I think his bits are certainly my favorite parts of the show.


  2. My husband and I were just looking him up on IMDB the other day! We (somehow, maybe it’s the almost-4-year-old we have =) ) were watching “Back to the Barnyard” and wondered who did a particular voice. When we looked it up, it was Chris Hardwick, and we knew his name sounded familiar, but it took looking down the list of his roles a little more to figure it out. He was one of the hosts (with Jenny McCarthy) on MTV’s “Singled Out” from the mid-90’s! My sisters used to watch that dating/game show all the time. I kinda wondered what he was up to these days. Now we know. How’s that for coincidence?

    Thanks for the clip!


  3. I too think HFCS is the scourge of the Earth!!

    I once bought an “almost dead” aloe (think Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree!) I took it home and loved it and it turned into the giant plant from Little Shop of Horrors (feed me Seymour!) Seriously, you cannot kill an aloe and it moved with me from NY to VA to FLA and now it resides around my parents house. Really, my one little half dead leaf now completely surrounds a 5 bedroom house! YAY little aloe!!!


  4. um wow I’ve always loved Chris Hardwick! I was a fan of singled out even though I was too young to really get what was going on. Also he is in a comedy music group think called Hard and Phirm, I’ve heard them interviewed on The Sound of Young America (a podcast). He’s cure and funny, what else could you ask for? okay over that… (i’m feeling 12 years old too now…)

    Saran wrap on windows works well at insulating. Also I’m sewing draft dodgers for my Mom so if you request one let me know, and don’t impulse buy cactus at the store because it doesn’t live like a camel, it needs water and if you don’t water it juuuuussssttttt right it dies rapidly. Do impulse buy dying gerbera daisies (mine has bloomed thrice this year!) and lavender (got one at ikea years ago, left it with a friend, bet it is still alive…) and miniature sunflowers (grew so well we had to plant them in the ground!)

    longest response EVER!


  5. So, I just found your blog and am reading through your archives, and I just had to comment on this post šŸ™‚ Chris Hardwick! I also remember him from “Singled Out”, but he was also in the Rob Zombie movie, “House of 1,000 Corpses”. Co-starring….. Rainn Wilson! This would explain Rainn’s appearance on his show.

    This has been your random trivia moment for the day. Enjoy!


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