So many gifts… not enough attention span…

I think all of the holiday knitting is getting to me. I keep starting different projects for people, knit for a few hours, and then go, “Bleh” (which is, incidentally, a much more negative response than “meh” but not quite as bad as “blürg”). So I’m going to take a few days off and work on Fun! Happy! Stuff! Specifically, I want to get the shawl/rug thingy (it’ll depend on how long it turns out to be as to what it winds up becoming) I started weaving with the Craftstravaganza yarn finished. It’s about halfway done, so I’m hoping to get it done today.

Here’s the other day’s spinning all happily skeined up and blocked. First up is Adios, which is the blue chunky single ply:


It turned out pretty squishy, but still not quite as soft as I want it to be. I overspun it a tad. My goal is to produce something that’s Malabrigo-soft, but since I felted the roving a tad, that wasn’t going to happen with this particular batch. Still, not a bad yarn. It’ll make a nice something.

And here’s Peach Fizz, my blingy soft superwash sock yarn!


I should be able to get a pair of socks out of this without any problem. It’s a touch thicker than some of the other sock yarn I’ve spun, but I’ve got over 4 ounces of it. It looks like it’ll be just fine knitting with size 4 needles, so the socks should go fast.

I’m curious to see how the socks hold up to being washed. I wash all of my handknit socks in the gentle cycle of our washing machine in lingerie bags. Unfortunately, our washing machine is pretty hard on handknit socks. We’ve got some pretty raggy looking ones now, but it’s not that big of a deal because of how many socks I wind up knitting for myself and Travis. With the handspun socks, as long as I knit with a pretty tight gauge, they seem to make it through the wash okay. With this particular yarn, since I added the nylon content to the superwash, I’m interested to see if that makes the socks withstand the washing machine better than some of the regular superwash socks.

Incidentally, the Wollmeise socks I knit for Travis? Have been washed 3 or 4 times now and look pretty much identical to the way they looked when I got done knitting them. So rock on, Wollmeise!

Well, I’m actually going to go and weave! Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “So many gifts… not enough attention span…”

  1. i know people must ask you this all the time and i don’t want to be annoying, but some day in the far off future, when you feel like spinning blingy yarn just to spin blingy yarn, will you spin me some blingy yarn? i will give you dollars and/or be forever in your debt… 😀

    also have fun with the FUN! PROJECT! of no OBLIGATION! not that all holiday gifts are obligation, but with a “deadline” i know sometimes it feels that way.

    warm hot cocoa wishes to you and trav and the pets, too!


  2. I love that blue single ply! I can’t wait until I’m good enough to spin singles that look that good! We’re making the most of a snow day (YIPEE) here and I’m kind of nesting with the cocoa and crafts galore! The kids are going to help me stamp Christmas cards.


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