Snow fun!

Hey, we finally got some decent snow! It started snowing last night around 11:30, and it’s still going right now. I think we’ve got around 4 inches on the ground, which is cool, because the snowfall here normally tends to be lame. Anyway, we took the dogs outside and had fun snow time with them:



I had to change pants once I got back inside.


We wanted Ellie to get in on the fun, so Travis scooped up some snow and brought in in for Ellie.


She seemed bewildered by it.

In other news, I got the Craftstravaganza woven shawl-thing finished up yesterday. It only took me about an additional hour and a half to get it done.


It wound up being 21″ x 68″, so it is big enough to be a shawl thingy. Except 1. I never wear shawls and 2. It’s kind of itchy. So I just wound up folding it in half and hanging it up in my hallway. Instant wall art! There are some really fun spots in it:


We made Toby play pack mule for a little bit, carrying the shawl around on her back.


I started knitting a pair of socks out of the sparkly Peach Fizz handspun yesterday, and I just want to say, they would be the perfect socks to wear if I was six and was playing My Little Ponies. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a good My Little Pony playtime for about 20 years now. Fortunately, I have no shame and will wear them anyway. I’ll try to have progress pictures by tomorrow.

More pictures of snow and shawl up on my Flickr, as always.

7 thoughts on “Snow fun!”

  1. Oh, Jacki, I would love to have those Peach Fizz sparkly socks! I’d wear them proudly. Anything sparkly is good!
    Great photos of the dogs in the snow, and I love that Ellie got some snow, too. We’ve only had a bit here, not enough for me to bring some in for Jenny. I’m not sure what she’d think of it!


  2. Jenny might get a kick out of the snow – I know when we track snow clods in from the soles of our boots, Ellie enjoys batting them around the floor until they melt. 🙂


  3. It has been snowing here all day. I don’t think we’ve gotten as much as you. Then they said it is supposed to be 50 degrees in a couple of days. This is great sock knitting weather! 🙂


  4. Aaaawh! Playing with dogs in the snow is alwasy so much fun. I had a beagle growing up and he LOVED the snow… the little dog I have now pretty much hates it.


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