As promised

Pictures of the first silly sparkly Peach Fizz sock!


You can’t really see much of the sparkle in that photo, but believe me, it’s there.


The sock isn’t as obnoxious as I thought it would be, although the color is a bit cloying. I don’t care, though, since blingy = good. I’m about 40% done with the matching sock, and hope to finish it today.

I started knitting on it last night while watching Keith Olbermann and Project Runway (not at the same time, although it would be cool if Keith was a guest judge on PR). I’m throughly unimpressed with PR this season, although it hasn’t quite filled me with the searing hate I felt watching last season’s debacle (I never even finished watching that season, actually, since I hated Jeffrey so much). Where are the challenges like “Make a dress out of candy and tinfoil!”? I think I was spoiled since Season One featured the perfect trifecta of Jay, Austin Scarlett, and Kara Saun. Really, there hasn’t been anything on PR since to compare to Austin’s cornhusk dress or Jay’s Chrysler Building dress (or really, anything Jay designed – I still covet his entire runway collection for the season finale). Sigh. Project Runway, stop sucking! Be cool again!


6 thoughts on “As promised”

  1. those are so freakin’ pretty it hurts! i love them!

    i never really got into PR, so much, but hearing you talk about it makes me want to watch a little… heh.


  2. Love those socks! I think they’re beautlful. Also love PR. Jeffrey was such an ass; I hated that he won!


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