Hey, I’m actually getting some stuff done!

First off, in case you, like me, live in a cave sometimes, the new Knitty is out. There are some really fun patterns in this one, including a set of three tams and some kilt hose. I would be all over these patterns right now, except I’m having technical difficulties with my printer, so I just kind of keep drooling at the computer monitor wistfully. It’s kind of sad. Hopefully Travis can hook me up when he gets home.

Secondly, I got all motivated and finished up a few things yesterday. I knocked out my Peach Fizz socks in the afternoon.


You can kind of see the sparkly here.


Even though the color kind of encourages one to enter a diabetic coma, I’m loving these socks. Very warm. Very comfy. The nylon content in them doesn’t make them feel any different to wear than my other handspun socks (although while knitting the yarn felt a touch rubbery – that wasn’t a bad thing, just a little odd). Looking forward to blending up my next superwash/bling roving, which I’ll probably do this afternoon.

After getting the socks done, I finished up a little hat I had started a few days ago.


I say it’s a “little” hat because my intent was to make it adult noggin sized, but I miscalculated (due to the colorwork) and it came out small. I’m guessing that it will be the perfect fit for one of my nephews, though, so accidental Christmas gift! Hooray! I still need to block it, though.

And finally, I felt refreshed enough to go back to doing Christmas gifts. So I started a new sock. I double stranded some hand dyed yarn I had dyed earlier this week. Here’s how it’s looking so far:


I really like how the orange is flecky and not too overwhelming. Double stranded knitting rocks!

My agenda today is to comb up more roving, work some more on the flecky socks, and maybe start working up a scarf pattern. I actually don’t knit up scarves that much, but when I was linking to the picture of Jay’s Chrysler Building dress yesterday, I noticed the scarf the model was wearing in that photo and really liked it. So I may try making something inspired by that.

Oh, crap! I almost forgot to show off the fun skein o’ yarn I spun up yesterday from one of Terrabellaspun’s carded batts.


It’s a smallish skein, only 75 yards, but I may see if I have enough to weave a really skinny scarf out of it – maybe only 4 inches wide or so, and use the yarn just as the weft. It’s really fun yarn. The sparkle in it is awesome.


We’ve gotten some more snow, too! I may have to get out the snowshoes. 🙂

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  1. Nice! Those are some cozy lookin socks. Can I be you when I grow up? My socks don’t look nearly so nice or work up so fast. I need more practice. And to practice more, I need more yarn!!


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