Have a kosher weekend!

Yesterday I got my annual Hanukkah gift from my parents, a box o’ goodies from the Popcorn Factory:


There’s popcorn in the two silver bags in case you were wondering. I haven’t gotten into those yet, but the big chocolate pretzel and some chocolate coins have been devoured.


Inspired by the spirit of Hanukkah giving, I combed up some roving and started spinning some yarn for Sarah Lou. It’s not quite the colors you were talking about, but if you like it, it’s yours!

Close up of the yarn (I’ve got one bobbin spun so far):


And the bobbin with some of the combed roving balls.


It’s mainly superwash roving, with a bit of nylon, nylon sparkle, and viscose mixed in. There’s only a tiny bit of the viscose, but it’s really fun when I hit a spot of it because it goes all shiny and green. I think I’m spinning it thinner than the Peach Fizz, so it should be appropriate for socks. I’ve got the other bobbin to spin and then plying, which is my best part. I didn’t really intend to bust ass on this and get it done really quick, but after I started combing up the roving I just really, really wanted to see how it spun up. The second set of roving balls are a touch lighter than the first on average, so I hope to get a bit of contrast between the yarn on the two bobbins.

I’m still working on Christmas socks, haven’t started the new scarf pattern I was talking about, and think I’m just going to randomly start a garter stitch scarf for no apparent reason whatsoever. I normally knit no-thought scarves in seed, but again, after viewing of some of Jay’s designs from Project Runway, I have a new appreciation for the simplicity of a garter stitch scarf. I’ve also got some miscellaneous Christmukkah related things I need to get done: Figure out what Travis would like for Christmas, sew up some simple little gift bags (using disposable wrapping paper just seems like such a waste when I have so much fabric I can use instead), get my luxury food item for Christmas Eve, stuff like that. I think Travis and I are going to run to Columbus next week and do a little shopping. I’ve got a 20% off coupon for Blick’s that’s burning a hole in my pocket, I know Travis wants to hit the Container Store (Lizzie, are you working on Monday or Tuesday?), and I’ve got a bunch of books I want to look at and probably buy.  Breathe deep – can you smell the consumerism?

Oh, I’m still hopelessly addicted to watching the Obollywood video from two posts down.  I think I watched it 6 times yesterday.  It’s mesmerizing.  I made Travis watch it yesterday and I think his brain melted.  When it was over he asked, “Okay – exactly whose vote is this targeting?”  I replied, “Mine?”

Speaking of Obama, I was reading Americablog this morning thought this was funny:

If Obama gets the nomination, the Dem party powers-that-be are going to need to have a talk with him about his staff. Say what you will about Hillary, but her staff is full of sword-wielding ninjas who don’t take crap from anyone. Pair Hillary’s ninjas with Obama’s likability and you’d have one hell of a partnership.

Because seriously, the Democratic party needs an ninja injection right now.  Ninjas!  Woot!

5 thoughts on “Have a kosher weekend!”

  1. I am going to give you my schedule for next week so you will know where to find me if you come to Columbus. 🙂

    Mon – 6am -2pm
    Tue – 2pm – 10pm
    Wed – 11am – 7pm
    Thur – off
    Fri – 3pm – 10pm
    Sat – off
    Sun – 6am – 2pm


  2. gah! *faints*

    i was behind a day or two on reading you and came here to show johari your peach fizz… and here i see lovely hanukkah joy spun just for me! of course i love it. you asked what colors i liked, but i secretly hoped you’d go off that path and do something else with it. it’s perfect, jacki! 😀

    i have one friend who is jewish by her grandmother’s decree (says it follows the mother’s side and this g’ma is her mother’s mother) and so i spoil her with 8 little treats every december. i found 8 this year, but haven’t started handing them over, yet. maybe monday i’ll give her all but the one or two that remain. 😉


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