Target owns me

Let’s get this out of the way first.

I am Target's Puppet

Seriously, what is wrong with me? I am such a packaging whore. In case you can’t tell in the picture, all of the products are by Archer Farms, who I’m guessing is Target’s generic food brand. And because the packaging is so appealing to me, I couldn’t stop putting more Archer Farms stuff into our cart. It’s a good thing there isn’t a Target closer to me, because I would not have any money, especially since Target started adding grocery sections to its stores. Anyway, I’m going to make the vanilla shortbread mix tonight as my first foray into Christmas cookie making (I know, it’s a mix, but I’m easing my way into this. Don’t judge me.). I’ll give you a review later. There’s a small part of me hoping that the Archer Farms stuff turns out to be bad so I won’t buy a ton of it next time I go to Target.

As much as I just threw my money down the Archer Farms food aisles at Target, I am also incredibly pissed at the store. Why? No frickin’ Legos (cue Elliot Reid: Frick! Frick frick frick!)! We went to two Targets yesterday and at both all they had was the same Spongebob set. I’m all about the Spongebob, but apparently my nephew Tyler (who is going to be 5 in February) has no clue what Spongebob is. Which leads me to the following – 1. Where the hell can one find a decent Lego selection in central Ohio, and 2. When do kids start watching Spongebob? Because I can munch on Krabby patties and watch that all day.

Travis and I had our Christmas shopping day yesterday, and as normal, I think we wound up buying more stuff for us than for others. In our defense, I’m making a ton of Christmas gifts this year. Mainly, besides the Archer Farms Taste Explosion, we bought some more books:

More new books

I haven’t finished the first Sherlock Holmes from a while ago, or started the Dickens yet, but my January is going to be spent cuddled up in a warm mess of yarn and words.

Unfortunately, both Travis and I pooped out enough at the end of the day, and we didn’t wind up buying our luxury food item for Christmas Eve. Of course, the one day I’m actually willing to buy the gourmet marshmallows from Whole Foods, their selection was awful. I almost went for the smoked salmon, but I think we’re going to be both better off to go to Trader Joe’s/Fresh Market/Whole Foods one day next week maybe and just concentrate on the food and not everything else.

In addition to the flotilla of knitted gifts I’ve made for Christmas, I also wanted to make some cookies (and yes, actual cookies will be involved, not just fake cookie mixes – although probably not on the scale of Katie’s cookies) and do a little bit of Christmas crafts. I’m going to try and sew up some fabric gift bags later on in the week, but today I made these. They’re kind of homely, but kind of cute, too:

Christmas Craft #1

I bought a pack of small ornaments at Target and painted people’s names on them. I’m going to be using them as gift tags.

I was pretty productive today, actually – got the laundry done, did a bit of dyeing which actually turned out pretty nifty, got some knitted items washed and blocked, made my little ornament tags, blocked some handspun (including Sarah Lou‘s Hanukkah Joy, which hopefully I’ll be able to mail tomorrow!), etc. I’m all excited because we bought some deli food from Whole Foods, which means I have instant meals for the next few days. I like cooking, but when I’m trying to get other stuff done, I forget to eat and then all of a sudden I’m starving – and of course then, I don’t feel like making anything that’s more complicated than opening up the toaster oven and sticking something frozen in it. So yesterday we got a bunch of good, no-effort foods – pineapple from Cut Fruit (Hi, Terry!Ā  Sorry we missed you yesterday, Lizzie!), egg salad, blintzes, latkes, couscous, sushi – stuff like that.

Almost forgot to mention that I did knit a random garter stitch scarf. I used the Red Planet Blue yarn I had spun from Dianne’s Creatively Dyed roving. Here’s a bit of it (it’s still being blocked right now):


It was fun and mindless to do.Ā  Which is nice right now.

9 thoughts on “Target owns me”

  1. your ornaments are adorable and target is an evil temptress and i have no idea how i’ll focus on gift knitting once the Hannukah Joy arrives!! but i will love it ever so muchly. šŸ˜€

    we made cookies last night. šŸ™‚ they were butter cookies from a cookie press i got in my stocking last year and hadn’t used once! hee! they’re yummy!


  2. Target is a dangerous place! We live way too close for comfort, and my Target is right across from the yarn store, both built in the months AFTER we moved into our house! Great pictures, I love the idea of using ornaments for gift tags!


  3. There are plans to build a Super Target out here on our little deserted side of town. I don’t know how my wallet will survive! I have been so good living out here in the boonies and having to “drive into town” to do my shopping. Certainly let us know how that food is. It calls to me when I go down the aisles, but I have been burned by store brands too many times


  4. I do most of my shopping online anymore. I cannot stand driving someone where only to find out the store is out of stock or doesn’t have what you are looking for. I figure I’m saving the earth by not driving around like a mad woman on a mission. šŸ™‚

    The picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favorite books.


  5. Your absolutely funny. At 5 I would think that he knows about spongebob, my neice is 2 and she only has eyes for elmo. My sister has been running all over the land to find things for her with elmo for christmas.

    Can I come to your house for christmas? You make me want to go to Target today to get some of the goodies in the picture. Great for me we’ve got 3 targets, no lets just say bad for me because I’ve got so many other things to do.

    Oh you make my roving look so good with your spinning.


  6. I don’t know how you feel about WalMart, but we had a similiar debacle over Duplos. Wanted a nice big set for the kids to play with, could only find one on the store shelves, and it was overpriced. Lo and behold! Just what I wanted at shipped to my door for $.97. Yes, ninety-seven cents. Oh, and the best part? It was $25 bucks, where Amazon wanted $89.99 for the same thing. Plastic freakin’ Duplo bricks.

    I love your Creatively Dyed scarf. After reading about all your spinning, I’ve been longing to spin, but I absolutely must get my secret mitten pal mittens done before I can….


  7. You had a very productive day! I envy you the Whole Foods. We don’t have that or Target! I live in a tiny town with only a Safeway and an organic grocery store with questionable fresh foods. We’re spending January the same way, too! I have almost the whole month off and I’m just gonna spin, knit and read some classics! Great yarn pic!


  8. If you are willing to drive into New Albany, there is a Learning Express there. But I don’t know if they have legos. Toys R Us is a place you could go even though it will probably be crazy wild with kids or so overwhelming with toys. Or there is a place called Crazy Toys in Heath but having never been there I have no idea what they might have. On second thought, I really hope they are talking about kids’ toys. . . . I need to get my mind out of the gutter. Good luck on the search.

    I love Neverwhere! I only read it last month and now I keep seeing Neil Gaiman’s works everywhere.


  9. Great reading ahead!!

    I do a lot of toy shopping on line now — Kazoo Toys is good, and Stellabella Toys is one of our favorites…

    as for marshmallows, when you go back to Whole Foods, if they have the pumpkin ones, grab those! One day last week we were at one of our local WFMs and they were sampling pumpkin marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate. Need I say more?


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